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hi everyone ^^, ok, let's me go straight to the point :D

i will make a a photo-montage for our beloved NEWS. This is not an officially project, just from a fan for the fans :D but, i really need some help here -.-''

this is the storyboard of the montage


as u can see, the montage required NEWS photo sort by year, member Ai/pairing photos, quote of NEWS member and fans' hope.
so I really need your kindly help ne,

1. if anyone can spam me with NEWS photo sort by year especially 2003-2007 (including magpic, shop-photos, con-pic, papa-pic, calendar, pamphlet, ect.) and NEWS member Ai / pairing pic, I will appreciate U with all my heart :)
but if u don't have any of their pic, its OK ^^,

2. i want to know your WISH / HOPE / FEELING / EMOTION / EXPECTATION / EXPRESSION for NEWS for now or future.
for example;
NEWS is the best group of man i ever meet, their talents are miracle, their love are natural and their words toward fans are trustworthy. NEWS is shinning just the way they are. That's why I love them so much. (daeyahayashi@LJ)
i'll put your expression in the montage as ''HOPE of FANS'' with your LJ's name :)
so express your emotion toward NEWS and let's other fans understand your feeling ^o^

3. if there is any quote from a NEWS member that u love, please let me know :D for example;
From now on, I really want you to have high expectations for NEWS from your heart. (Yamapi, LIVE3x pamphlet)
credit to: hellomichi@LJ
p/s: please credit the translators if u pick the quote from their translation.
from their words, we will know how much they love NEWS and us. there's a lot of words from NEWS member that so lovely and give us power ne ^^, let's share them with other fans!

that's all for now :) i'm so sorry cause this trouble for u >< yorupiku ne ~
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