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About 'First Press Jackets' of 「ハダカンボー」 - Yamashita Tomohisa

Last  week , my friends asked me about how to order Single 「ハダンボー」 in the site because this single has only one code but there are 3 types of the jackets. So I decided to send the question to CD Japan since last Friday and finally they already replied me today.

(The reason why I asked this to CD Japan because almost friends always order via this site!)

According to my question, I asked about 'How to order if we want those 3 jackets'
And here is the replied mail from the staff.

Thank you for contacting CDJapan.

We asked them and updated the details about the first press bonus.

However, the 2 versions will come in randomly and
it won't be possible to specify which type.

Our shipping process is automated, and it won't
be able to recognize the difference as catalog
number will be identical.

So, it's not going to be possible for us to promise
that you'll get both designs if you order two.

Please contact us again if you have any other question.

Toshi Makiya

I hope this will be advantage for everyone who want to order Pi's single via the site ne.
You can follow more info about this single  HERE  or about First press detail HERE in CD Japan site.
I think they already added enough info for you all now.

** Btw, for the other sites (for example 'YesAsia' , 'HMV' , etc.) I don't have more details but if you want to know I think you can send mail directly to ask them.ダ
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