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Paging for Singapore fans for the NEWS Postcard campaign..

Hello Everyone in the community.. ^^

I hope this is allowed..
I just wanted to advertise to the fans in Singapore to help out for the NEWS Postcard campaign by the Taiwan fans.. 

Currently, there is only one fan postcard received by Singapore Representative..
Its rather depressing.. :(

So i would like to urge the other Singapore fans to help out and send postcards to let NEWS know that there is a bunch of Singapore fans waiting patiently for them visit Singapore one day... Let them know that there are a bunch of Singaporeans who loves them as much as the other fans!!

A postcard can do wonder.. ^^ 
Think about these...

If JE see a lot of postcards from Singapore, maybe they might plan a concert tour for NEWS in Singapore for future. Sad to say.. But most of you know.. KPOP is the craze in Singapore..

JPOP.. I know.. Its smaller.. But i know you guys are there... So please help to support the campaign and let JE knows that we love the NEWS and JPOP !! Every postcard counts.. Every single one postcard can do wonder... Please help. All you have to do is.. Just send a postcard.. 

That's all i wanted to say.. 
Interested parties..
Please drop a comment here as i am x-posting it in several community and i will PM you the address of the Singapore Representative.
Thank you for reading this.. 
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