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Camp Yukue - Claims List - Application
Game Premise - Camp Details - Rules

Camp Yukue opened in upstate New York, USA, in the summer of 1955. For 50+ years it has hosted young men's summers, teaching them the essential skills of life and encouraging personal growth. For eight weeks, young men ages 16-19 come to Camp Yukue to explore, discover, and learn - all while in a positive and encouraging atmosphere! When you leave Camp Yukue, your Head Counselors assure, your life will never be the same.

Camp Yukue is a Japanese male-only AU RP based off of the idea of the American summer camp. However, this RP isn't like your average RP - ours is timed. This RP will ONLY run for 8 weeks from open to close - the length of the average summer camp. Fast paced? Yup. We just opened for claims, so most spots are still open. :D
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