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NEWS Fans: Japan fund raising project

 Hello NEWS Fans!

We all know what happened to Japan, and how precious NEWS is to us, is also how precious Japan is to NEWS especially Sendai, we all need to take part and help the Japan whatever we can, so JE fandom collaborated created a community called JE FAMILY dedicated to raise money to help Japan: 

so we're asking everyone what do you guys want to do to raise money for Japan? I've listed different points, it would be great if I could hear everyone's suggestions:

1. Auctioning: This is what mostly of what the other JE fans are doing, theyre auctioning their extra goods or donate goods and bid them all the money goes to the charity.

2. Personalized stuff: We could customized a silicone wristband, and people could buy the wristband and also donate extra money. 
3.  Or some other groups also they do translations, graphics, subbing
4. Donate: or Just plain donate, we could step up an account in Paypal and everyone could donate there, so its easier and convenient to everyone. 
Let me hear what you think, please comment below.
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