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Massu guesting in K-chan NEWS on 21 March 2011

I know most of you probably already know by now, but I'll just leave a message for all those who don't use Twitter or anything similar.

It has been announced that Massu will be guesting on K-chan NEWS (of course, with Kei-chan) on the 21 March broadcast. They will be reading out messages they have received from the fans after the earthquake.

I believe the show will be pre-recorded like usual, but at least it was recorded after the earthquake. This tells us that they are both alright and still in the state to host a radio show.

Just one thing I want to ask, does anybody have a good way to record the show? The service neko_lovesyou uses is often down, so I was wondering if anyone else could help record this meaningful episode. This will be the first time they will be on air (TV or radio) ever since the earthquake happened, not including the online messages.

Would really appreciate anyone who can help. Thanks so much.
Tags: news: appearances, radio: k-chan news

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