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Hi everyone!
I hope you're fine!

I promised this entry to some of you long time ago, and I finally find time to do it!
sorry, I was very very busy with my new job!!

I went to Japan on December, and saw 3 concerts of Kanjani8 (1 in Sendai and 2 inTokyo).
It was AMAZING !! I was so HAPPY!
I won't make any long report because I think there are already a lot of reports about it (and they're far so better than what I could do, trust me).
I'll post mainly pictures (concert, ads, Johnny's family club...).
It's not all about Kanjani8, you'll find NEWS, KAT-TUN, ARASHI....^^

Goran Kudasai !!  (cut to my LJ)

I'll do another post soon for my trip in 2009, about Yamapi concert in Yokohama and also some drama/TV show location related to JE ^^
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