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Yamashita Tomohisa won the awards of the "RTHK 22nd International Pop Poll"

On May 2 Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) "22nd International Pop Poll" Award Presentation revealed the Top Ten Foreign Music Awards which are given to the most popular English, Japanese and Korean singers and songs in the local music arena last year.

"This year, the polling was overwhelmingly enthusiastic with nearly 40,000 votes. As for the assessment method, winners of the three “Best Selling Album” awards were chosen according to the statistical information provided by Hong Kong Record Merchants Association Ltd. The other nine international song and singer awards were presented based on public voting by fans as well as assessments by professionals from the field, which constituted 60% and 40% of the total score respectively. The “Super Gold Song” award went to the song scoring the highest number of votes on the “Top Ten International Gold Songs” list.
Yamashita Tomohisa, who has grasped great attention and enjoying a boom throughout Asia, was first voted the “Top Japanese Gold Song” Bronze Prize with his solo “One in a million”. He was also voted as the “Top Japanese New Act” Gold Prize and the “Top Japanese Artist/ Group” Silver Prize."

Top Japanese New Act  
Gold prize - 山下智久

Top Japanese Artist/Group 
Silver prize - 山下智久

Top Japanese Gold Song

Bronze prize - One in a million - 山下智久

Source & the full list of winners: (eng)
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