Rika Chihara (rikachihara) wrote in news_jpop,
Rika Chihara

Cover of "Cherish" by NEWS

I decided to cover this song not only because it's my favorite song by NEWS, but in thought of all of you guys, the fans worldwide. When I heard the rumor about Yamapi possibly leaving NEWS and saw everyone worry because NEWS hasn't been as active as other JE groups last week, I just couldn't sit there and panic, I had to do something to cheer myself up. I covered this song to show  that I will continue to support them no matter what. NEWS has really changed me as a person and I would hate it if they broke up! Everyone, please don't be scared by silly rumors and keep supporting our boys and wish everyday for them to work again together as a group. <3

Anyway, hope you enjoy it! :D
Tags: fanwork: cover

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