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[Announcement] MarchingK(oyaShige) 10th Anniversary Charity Event Celebration


As the new mods of koyashigedake we would like to celebrate KoyaShige's 10th year anniversary and the renaming of the community in a big way. So in honor of this we would like to invite everyone to participate in what we are calling the Marching K(oyaShige) Charity Event Celebration and like any good celebration we come bearing gifts.

Major Prizes: Complete Set of KoyaShige in New York postcards, Koyama Points Book from Room 0, Shige Scrapbook from June's Bitter Orange.  Additional prizes include KoyaShige photo sets, notebooks, magnets and more.

Here's how it will work. Pledge to make something for KoyaShige's anniversary - it can be a fic, icons, banners, lj layouts, MV, macros, translations, subbing, or fan art.

For every submission completed by the deadline you will receive a certain number of entries in to a drawing for one of our wonderful prizes (see the chart at the bottom of this post for details).

Also, as an additional bonus, to raise money for our wonderful cause, we (the mods of KDS) will donate 200¥ in our participants' honor for every 10 entries we receive. All the proceeds from this event will be donated to Marching J.

Want to participate but don't have the time, or aren't feeling creative? Then you can make a donation towards Marching J. All donations must be in yen and made via Paypal. For every 200¥ donated you will receive one entry in our prize drawing. So the more you donate the more chances you have to win.  

So if you love KoyaShige and you want to celebrate them or you just want to win some stuff or you would just like to help a good cause or you just really like the idea of your money being put in a Marching J collection box please participate.

Show your love for KoyaShige and help Japan at the same time.

Thank you

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