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Message from Pi from magazine in 2007

I can't believe I couldn't even bear listening to NEWS' songs now... It just makes me so sad...
Tried to concentrate on my studying but my hand wandered off to a magazine on the shelf that caught my eye. Oricon style from march 2007 when NEWS came back out as six after one year of hiatus.
The words Pi wrote kinda gives us an idea of what he's thinking now I guess, but it makes me all so much more disappointed now when I read it again, and of course the happy faces of those six gathering and working together after separating for one year is something we can only dream of from now on...

Here's the comment Pi gave at that time:


My Translation:
I have polished my courage to stand up and go on alone (after this period). It was a big thing to gain so much experiences from all the things I've done. Especially the experience with GYM. It was happy to cross over the barrier of different countries and be able to communicate. After that I hardly practiced my Thai though(smile). It was great also to realize "How much is the power that I have? ". It was then I objectively considered about leaving NEWS, in the end however, I feel that I am me when I'm in NEWS. With NEWS, there's a place I can return to, and that is a great thing.

And so it seems, even back then Pi always had some idea of leaving NEWS but he might have not been quite prepared at that time, and there was still that factor of feeling safer with a group, but now yamapi seems all ready to meet the challenges himself so he has chosen to leave NEWS. As much as I understand ppl have their rights to choose their path, I think there's this factor of responsibility involved when it affects the path of five other ppl and also the hearts of millions that have supported and loved them.

It seems that since now that NEWS won't be able to bring him to new heights and he's had a confidence boost fron his solo tour he's ready to leave.
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