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[modification] About the "We Want NEWS" petition Project !

Sorry for not clearing things earlier but I - like a lot of us -  needed to calm down & overcome the shock & the pain before I can take any step forward..

regarding this  project HERE , it's still going on but with some necessary adjustments that we had to make  because of the new reality we have to deal with right now will turn to be Support message from all NEWS fans instead of a petition to the agency..

it's because you really worked hard in delivering your voices & because NEWS need us right now like never before..and because NEWS is still there for us as Tegoshi..Massu..Shige & Koyama  ♥♥
also because NEWS Fans are really amazing people who are very loyal & loving fans that I'm so proud to be in the fandom with them ,and your amazing contributions  through the last month  that touched our hearts ,and all those 500 signatures we gathered till the moment  from all over the world with all those heartfelt messages were not a waste & will never be..

it hurts so much to not see them in the way we wished them to be..and that we already lost 2 of them  ,it does not matter for what reason or who's fault it is, because we learned from NEWS themselves how to survive ..neh? how to always move on no matter how it's hard or painful..they give us hope,love & happiness through & for long time. 
i'm not regretting loving them or supporting them all the way & till now ..

every single one of them was a bless & a reason for the existence of NEWS that we love for 8 years & which change our lives in many ways , like dear Massu said :
The members that made the NEWS that I love will still continue to be precious friends,And all the fans that are supporting the NEWS that I love are also precious friends (from the translated comments by lovely hatsumi-chan HERE )
They deserved it & for 8 years they were our smiles & tears ,and from  the moment we said we are NEWS fans we knew it's not about one member or two's all about NEWS no matter how many member they have & how much we love each one of them ..NEWS is NEWS ^^ ,our Never.Ending..Wonderful. Story ..
so please let us leave the agony,the pain & even the grudge & only remember how we love this group of young men & that is the time we need to be beside them...

what done is's not important why or how..because  that won't make any change to the fact that we are still there through the pain & that NEWS is still there with for us even  with less members..and that they need to know that we love them & still supporting them
And as a respect to all of you & to be honest with you by not sending your info with a new message without your permission first,we have to let you know about those adjustments that were made to the messages :

Title : NEWS, We are there for you  forever
NEWS, every time you have hard times you always come back even more strong  than before & through the past 8  years you bring  to us smiles, energy & love ,from the start & till now & forever we will be there for NEWS
Because you are that precious joy in our lives & because of you we are strong & full of hope ..Please be strong this time as well.
" Koyama , Massu,Shige,Tegoshi"  we believe in you so hang in there .do your best & we’ll support you forever ,and will be waiting for you always
NEWS Daisuki ~ 
signature from the Fans who love & support NEWS forever from all over the world 
Total signatures till now = ?
The Japanese Text which will be sent along with the English one - it's not word to word translation although I hoped to do that but unfortunately I don't know Japanese T____T , & it'll be great if some nice fan can help in translating , but  in case i couldn't find any I'll use those Japanese sentences which have  the same meaning we are trying to send them -     Done ^^ 

題名: ずっとNEWSを応援します
小山さん、増田さん、加藤さん、と手越さんのことを信じているから、これも乗り越えられるように頑張ってください。 私たちはずっとNEWSを応援していて、ずっとNEWSを待っています。
(Thanks a lot to  dear   hatsumi_chan  for translating ^^ ) 

For those who had already participated in the project whether HERE or HERE ,please let us know about your respond & if you want us to use your info\ signatures to complete what we had started or not ..
- if you don't want your name & info to be sent please comment \ send e-mail to
 with the word " Not OK" so I can delete your info from the list .

you are really free to do whatever you want ,and to not cause any  Inconvenience or embarrassment to anyone I'll screen the comments for this post ^_^ ,it's up to you to decide now..but please notice that if  you didn't say clearly that you don't want to send I'll consider it a "yes" & will send your info along with the others..
For those who didn't  participate yet but want now to be part of this for the first time  ,please don't hesitate to send your info (name - age - city & country) to the same e-mail ,but please tell me that you read this post & OK with it ,and of course you can spread the word ^___^

Also, you can send this message (in different words but with the same meaning of the above ) :






(Thanks a lot to  dear karayuquex   for translating ^^ ) 

- or any other message you want - to the e-mails of the radio shows of the boys here :

Shige :

Massu :

Koyama :

so that they can feel your love & support <3
gif credit to k-nyan@tumblr


UPDATE : Ah! sorry I forgot to tell you about the deadline this time *shy*,we will be accepting signatures \ confirmations till 14 October 2011 ,because we'll send this message (with the signatures list ) on 15 October  

** If you want to re-blog the project on tumblr : HERE

It will be great also if you can spread the word this time as well ^^ ,Thank you so much in advanced <3

UPDATE 2 : Yatta~~ We sent the message\ petition as we promised ^O^ ,for more details please visit this new post here :
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