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[PROYECT] A Christmas wish... "The best for NEWS"

A Christmas wish ... "The best for NEWS"

Well guys! I come with a new proyect, organized through NEWS Spain. This time we intend to reach NEWS
all our support and our best Christmas wishes for 2012 ^ ^

For this purpose an AC representative
will deliver a gift to Koyama´s mother in Japan, in her own hands. We
want to make a photobook with pictures, Christmas wishes and
congratulations for 2012 on behalf of NEWS Spain and
all international fans! To do this, we will take the liberty
to also take the photos that you have previously participated in the
anniversary´s photo-video. If you specifically don´t want to use
your photo on this occasion just tell us. Conversely,  if any of those
who has already sent the photo  wants to change it or send something
else, with only send the new photo and to put in it your data is enough.

What will include the photobook?

- A joint message from the entire staff of NEWS Spain wishing  them
congratulations and letting them know how much we support them from
our fanclub.

- A compilation of everything you send us with your name and country.

- A beautiful Christmas scene with NEWS Spain logo, spices and many beautiful things. (We´ll take pictures to show you)

- At the end of each photo/message we´ll include a phrase that we´ll
put at the end of the photobook  in large letters and in Japanese: "The Best
for NEWS"

What can you send for the photobook?

- Your photos.

- Photos of your poster that you adore, the NEWS "altar" in your room, your NEWS´s goods (...)

- Photo montages with messages, wallpapers, pictures, fanarts ... (Let fly your creativity)

- A simple congratulations message (Maximum 40 words).

Can you send us more than one of those things?

Yes, you can.

Do I need to send all those things?

No (it is your choice to send one photo, just montage, only message, or more ... you can decide ^ ^)

What to include or not include on the photos/messages?

- We'll exclude those photos we deem inappropriate and ostentatious.

- We'll exclude those messages with phone numbers, addresses, emails and privacy data (Only allow names or nicknames).

- We will exclude those messages that we deem inappropriate.

- We ask you to send us all your messages in English! You will save hard
work of translation to the moderators! =) Also, you are free to
send your message directly in Japanese, however, if you do that,
we also ask the Spanish/English translation to know what are you saying ^ ^

- We will exclude those messages that are passed considerably the established 40 words!

What is the deadline for delivery?

December 15.

Where should I send my messages/photos?


If you have doubts, you can find us here http://www.facebook.com/pages/News-Spain/118792458194248

Thanks and we look forward  your collaboration =D

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