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[PROJECT] A Christmas wish for Yamapi... "World is yours"

A Christmas wish for Yamapi... "World is yours"

Good day Yamapi fans!! ^^ Today Yamapi Spain staff come with a new proyect where we pretend to reach to our ichiban, Yamashita Tomohisa all our support and best Christmas wishes for 2012. We think that now more than ever it's important keep together and show him absolutly ALL our inconditional support to Yamapi after separation from NEWS. Now more than ever, he NEED IT!!

A representative from AC going to travel to Japan this Christmas, and this person will ensure to deliever our letter directly to JE. Our idea is to make a special Christmas letter and send it  with a postal. In this way, we'll collected tens of Christmas messages and support messages from all international fans, to do him to see that, the world, really can be his.

At the end of each individual message, we'll write by hand in japanese "World is yours"

As you should be know, Johnny's Family have strict rules for letters and gifs that the boys recieved, hereby there're certain rules that we must comply!!

  • We will exclude those messages, phone numbers, addresses, emails and privacy data (Only allow names or pseudonyms).
  • We will exclude those messages that we deem inappropriate.
  • We
    ask you to send us all your messages in English! You will save hard
    work of translation to the moderators! =) Also, you are free to
    send your message directly in Japanese, however, if you do that,
    we also ask the Spanish translation to know what are you saying ^ ^
  • We've established a maximum of 40 words
    for each individual message. Keep in mind that are WE who will write
    all your messages by hand, and depend of the number of messages
    (expected to be much) it's a hard working for us.

What is the deadline for delivery?

December 15.

Where should I send my messages/photos?

yamapi@asian-club.es (Including: real name and surname and country)

Thanks and we look forward  your collaboration =)

Yamapi Spain STAFF

YOU CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS HERE: http://www.facebook.com/notes/yamapi-spain/project-a-christmas-wish-for-yamapi-world-is-yours/289252767773842
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