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*UPDATED*  I had to post the same thing a lot, and lucky, someone helped me edit this.

This is just a request. I am by no means telling anyone what to do.

Hey Guys,
can people stop posting so much about Yamapi?  This is a NEWS community.  He's not NEWS.  He made that decision for himself.  It is quite annoying to see so many things about him.  (There have been many recently, but some were consolidated.)  It is even worse when compared to the real NEWS members.  I remember coming on the last few days and every time just about ONLY seeing Yamapi, with like one TegoMasu thing and another for Koyama. (Poor Shige!)
In no way do I mean I think posts about him should be banned. I think it's fine to post about any ex-member, but again, ask for balance.  I understand the ex-member tag. All five of the ex-members have them, right? I just meant to ask because Yamapi is posted about so, every thing he does, as if he were still a member. I see hardly any posts about other ex-members.  It's not the same as Kusano and Uchi; at least they didn't walk out purposely.  Yes, comparing Uchi and Kusano to RyoPi is a bit different, but the idea still stands.  Even though the past two may have gotten themselves thrown out, they did no go out of their way to be removed from the group. I'm sure it wasn't what they set out to do nor what they wanted.
No, this has nothing to do with hate. It has to do with accepting things as they are and moving on. All the wishing, hoping, and loyalty in the world will not change anything. He himself probably wouldn't appreciate being posted about in NEWS forums; he made it clear that he no longer wants anything to do with them. He has separated himself.  I am not bashing anyone.  All I am saying is that I would appreciate if this NEWS community was focused on NEWS. Yamapi left, so I don't think it's fair to put so much about him on here.  I'm sorry if people are hurt by this simple request, but I accept no responsibility for this. Everyone is in charge of their own emotions.
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