Chinen Yuzaki (hizaki92) wrote in news_jpop,
Chinen Yuzaki

EmpireSubs Advertisement

Hi! I'm Yuzaki from empiresubs and I am glad myself to tell you guys that we are recruiting!! =D
We are in search of some team members to help our cause..

For your information, empiresubs is born from a group in FaceBook called JUMP Empire Gakuen.
Although the FaceBook name has JUMP, doesn't mean we at empiresubs don't sub other videos..
We accept any video sub request as long as it doesn't break any of our rules in the Request Post..
          * meaning, we accept ALL videos that has to do with JOHNNY'S ENTERTAINMENT *


We are in serious need of team-members..
We need everything that is stated HERE in our recruitment post..

Currently there are no downloads available since we are still recruiting.. I hope we can get support from all of you too.. :)

Tags: advertisement: community

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