Maan Balcita (maan_balcita) wrote in news_jpop,
Maan Balcita

NEWS 4nin tribute Vidoes

Maan-chan desu ^^

It's my first time posting here that's why I'm not really sure what to say or how should I start or whether I should post it here or not.. *gomen* ^^
aa~ah. i but because i really want to share these ^^ so here douzo~

I actually had made 2 simple fanvids for the new NEWS for the year 2012. And had already uploaded them on my channel.

You can check my lj post here.I put some intro about the songs there ^^
Enjoy~ ♥ Hope you'll love them too..

"Yume no kazu dake Ai ga umareru"

"With Me"
Tags: fanwork: fanvid

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