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New TVshow for KoyaShige! "Mirai Theater"

"Mirai Theater"
From 6 April, NTV, every Friday from 23:30 to 23:58

Kato Shigeaki, Koyama Keiichiro and Hatori Shin'ichi will be the MCs of this new Nihon TV show.

The set will be like a little hall of a cinema, every Friday the MCs will watch a VTR from their guest and talk about it.
The VTRs will be documentary movies about many different people, like vips, scholars, artists, athletes, technicians. People who somehow change the world without fearing failure or criticism.
The VTRs will collect datas about the person, his past, interviews, etc. Each VTR will have a theme song, the song that matches best the person described.
The MCs and the guests will talk about the VTR, they'll retrace the life of the guests and they'll reveal hidden sides of them.

Hatori said about his two new companions: "We got along since the beginning, it went great. NEWS had a big turning point, I could talk about it with them directly. Thanks to this, even Tutorial, our guests on the 2nd episode, were able to talk out their real feelings". It seems that Kato and Koyama did their best during the filming being very natural and serious.

Koyama said about Hatori: "He's a genius, he can create the right atmosphere and timing to make the guest talk".
Kato added: "And he can make people shut up kindly. He's also very good at dealing with gossip and scandal material. I wonder if we'll find gossip about him..."
Hatori answered: "If you do let's don't talk about it, ok?".
The atmosphere was friendly and cheerful.

Koyama: "I'm a newscaster so I want the conversations to go on in a natural way".
Kato: "It's a very new show. It will be moving and it will send out a clear message to work hard and face the future"
Hatori: "It will become a guidance also for us 3. I want to learn many new things"

[Article translated from a Japanese blog. The news will probably be featured in the morning shows]

Congratulations to KoyaShige! ♪
Lately we're hearing many good news, let's hope that they will bring to what we're all been waiting for! ♥
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