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Newborn NewS subbing team!

Hello guys~ :D

I created this a new NewS and Tegomass subbing team pretty much a while back after I subbed the Chankapana PV preview. It's called NewS no Mahou Fansubs  We haven't released any projects yet, but we will soon.  If you want to follow us ----> mahou_news

Right now it's moderated membership, but we're active so we'll add you to the community almost immediately  after you requested.   Also we're not taking any requests at the moment but you can send the mods or me suggestions.  I want to make this a peaceful community so please follow the rules. Also please comment on the rules post before clicking join.  We'll release our first project sometime in this week.  I hope you guys have fun!~
Tags: *member (former): tegoshi yuya, *member: kato shigeaki, *member: koyama keiichiro, *member: masuda takahisa, *subgroup: tegomass, advertisement: other

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