setsuna (tecchinvie) wrote in news_jpop,

[ask] Concert tickets for Miyagi venue (Sep 9)

I've asked permission from admin to post this^^

My friend and I have a plan to watch NEWS concert during our vacation in Japan, and we want to watch it in Miyagi.
However, we don't know whether JE will open ticketing for overseas fans or not, so I want to know whether any of news_jpop members have fanclub membership and are willing to help us buying 2 concert tickets. We have a very tight budget, so buying from Yahoo Auction would be the very last choice T^T

Thanks in advance!

edit: I've sent email to Johnny's International E-mail Office inquiring about NEWS concert tickets, but there's no reply so I'm asking here. I really hope they'll open overseas ticketing >.<
Tags: other: questions

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