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V6′s Okada Junichi Talks about his Impression of NEWS

  Last Sept 21st, V6 Junichi Okada was the guest in Mirai Theater where NEWSKeiichiro Koyama and Shigeaki Kato also act as hosts. During Okada’s guesting, he told some of his impressions about NEWS as his juniors (kouhais). Although other members of NEWS have guested in the show, it was the first time that someone from Johnny’s have been featured.

  At the start of the program, Okada was asked how often does he interact with NEWS, “Actually, it’s not so often,” he admitted. Koyama admitted that they were reluctant to have Okada as a guest. “It was easier if other actors come as a guest, but if it was a senior, we’re like, “No! No senior!”.

  Announcer Hatori took the chance and asked Okada on what he thinks about NEWS as his kouhai’s. “I think that they are awesome. As four members, they have gone through a lot and they survived. I believe that all of them have become good men,” he said, “But Tegoshi is a bit odd [different], isn’t he?” Okada added that earned a laughter from Koyama and Shigeaki.

SOURCE:miku みく at jenewsdaily
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