agogo_kun (agogo_kun) wrote in news_jpop,

Tegomass Subbed PVs & Making of Solo PVs

This is my first post here, I got in this fandom for only about 2 weeks now. Now I'm looking for Tegomass' subbed PVs (thank God I've found NEWS' subbed PVs). Where can I download those videos? I only found some and they're not HQ.
Also where can I download the making of their solo PVs? Raw is fine (but if there's a subbed one I'd be really glad) :)

Oh and I'll be glad if you can teach me more about NEWS, I really like the "new" NEWS>> 4nin NEWS, you can go to my LJ to read my latest post about how can I got to this fandom (well if you want to of course) :3
Thanks before! :)
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