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hey guys,

seem i saw nobody yet sharing this cute moment between koyashige n yokohina so i decide to sharing with guys after my friend twitter asked me to share it.

i'm so excited when koyashige come to yokohina's recomen last week. so cute!!! how yoko really praise shige's novel [pink to grey] he really high tension when he speak it out how he really thankful to shige's novel, he became novel readers now. before this he never thought that he can read novel coz of he only manga reader. he thought its very difficult to him to read a novel, but once he read shige's novel he learn how good n interest novel are.
then suddenly yoko said to keichan "i also watch news every too" last night seem he watch news every when they show keichan's backstage where he wear read pajama doing work up on his gym during his butai. he said "ehh you wore same pajama today!' LOL seem that day keichan wear same pajama! lol then yoko started again praise shige's novel again. he heard from some Johnnys staff talked about how great shige's novel are (but for me, can i assumed that person are ryochan?!! sorry guys my ryoshige's mode still not die LOL) because of that he started to read shige's novel. he really surprised how good shige's novel is. its easy to understand n readable. hina keep silent maybe hina not read it yet lol even i heard hina the one who bought it first at bookstore by himself lol. maybe he too busy ne~. then shige said NEWS will release new single, yoko suddenly said "that song really great ne, what it is CHANPAKAANA?!!" hina said " its CHANKAPAANA!!" yoko "its really great song!" then they promote WORLD QUEST n POKOPON, when keichan said WQ its for soccer! suddenly hina yelled "AHHHHH ITS TEGOSHI'S ONE RIGHT?!! NOW I'M REMEMBER ABOUT IT! PLEASE TELL HIM THIS!" koyashige "what" hina "eena~ (its just like its great) " LOL hina love soccer too, before this he said he want that opportunity too.
when  two of them out from studio, yoko said " I WILL SUPPORT NEWS" and still teasing and said its great song "chanpakaana!" koyashige out from studio with laugh.

ahhh~ i love NEWS & EITO connection and so happy when see kattun dvd concert see how massu been love by KAT-TUN members too. plus now ueda-kun also seem interest want friend along with shige.. OMG its very rare shige n ueda-kun LOL
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