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Pink to Gray Manga (English Translation)

Hello! I scanned thru the community LJ and found out that some have shared the translated Shige's manga link over here. 

First of all, THANKS FOR SHARING!!
Well~ I have not make an official post here, so I think I should~ I'm the one doing this manga as a non-profitable project now. Those who found in manga website such as Mangafox, mangahere etc, with a credit of Lost n Found, yup, that's right! It's me~ dlost!

Anywaysss~ you can either read online there (almost any manga website, had uploaded my project) or come to my LIVEJOURNAL  ///  BLOG download he translated version. Please do credit if you are going to share it somewhere, to me or my team.

I'm aiming to complete the whole series which I don't know how long will this manga goes
Feel free to comment on my LJ or blog for better service or even compliment~ I love to see all NEWS/Shige/JE fans around~
And please support Lost n Found~

Disclaimer: Non-profitable, Shigeaki Kato (JE) and the artist are belongs to their own company. Please do not abuse.
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