yuminews (yuminews) wrote in news_jpop,

"Gachi Baka" Making of?!

Hay minna,
I watched the Drama "Gachi Baka" with Tegoshi and Massu a long time ago and recently, I thought about the "making of" of this drama. So I searched for any links or something but I couldn't find any :'( I really really love this drama and some of my friends asked me if I can submit the question here. :)  I also don't know if someone has uploaded it at all! (>_<'')
So, does anybody know any working link for the making of "Gachi Baka" ? It doesn't matter if it's with translation or without >_<
It would be really great if someone can help me (^___^)

I hope it's okay to ask such a question on this page so, please tell me if it's not ><
Tags: *member (former): tegoshi yuya, *member: masuda takahisa

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