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[Translations: K-chan NEWS & MASTER HITS] Temporary Hiatus

Hi, guys!

I know I just came back in translating K-chan NEWS and MASTER HITS. And I haven't been able to translate the past few weeks because I have been very busy with stuff and I was away for quite some time.

And sad to say, I'll be taking a break from the radio programs because I have been dealing with some things involving both personal and fandom (If you're wondering why, here's a detailed reason: Please don't judge me :'( ).

I won't promise, but I'll most likely go back to translating again September or October, depending on my availability.

To all those who have been reading, thank you so much always and I really appreciate your feedbacks :) I really hope you look forward to my translations again when I get back on.

I'm sorry and I hope you understand :(

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