sg_paanas_mod (sg_paanas_mod) wrote in news_jpop,

Giveaway and Fan Meetup

2 announcements from sg_paanas! \^o^/

1. NEWS World Quest/Pokoponpeko-rya Single Giveaway!
To celebrate NEWS' 10th anniversary, sg_paanas will be giving away 4 NEWS World Quest/Pokoponpeko-rya singles (2 LE A and 2 RE), absolutely free! This giveaway is open to all paanas in the world, regardless of where you live! (sg_paanas will bear all costs, including mailing costs)

To find out how to win, please visit our community HERE!

The contest has closed! Thank you so much for your support and participation! We've received a whopping number of entries! \^o^/ We'll be announcing the winners very soon, so watch this space!

2. Shigemasu Birthday Bash and Sg_paanas Meetup!
sg_paanas will be having a birthday bash for Shigemasu and meetup for paanas in Singapore on 6 Jul! We'll have door gifts, games, lucky draw and prizes!

Details can be found at our community HERE!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to your active participation for both activities!! ^^
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