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Sales Post! ~ CDs, DVDs, magazines yumyum goodies

Hello! I have some Johnny's items up for sale, among which are some NEWS stuff as well. (Tegomass, YamaPi and Ryo included!)

I'm in Singapore but I ship internationally!

Please check out the links for prices (listed in SGD) and other things~


Single - Happy Birthday [LE]

Single - Summer Time [RE]

Single - Summer Time [LE]

Single - Taiyou no Namida [RE]

Single - weeeek [RE]

Single - Ai Ai Gasa [RE]

Single -Koi no ABO [Taiwan ver.; DVD included]

Album - Pacific [Hong Kong ver.]

Books : HERE

Magazines (an an, Wink Up, duet)

Live DVDs : HERE

Never Ending Wonderful Story [LE]

Drama DVDs/VCDs : HERE

DVD - Last Friends (w Ryo)

DVD - Orthros no Inu (w Ryo)

DVD - Buzzer Beat (w YamaPi)

DVD - Nobuta wo Produce (w YamaPi)

DVD - Karei Naru Spy (guest star Massu)

DVD - One Litre of Tears Special (w Ryo) * Chinese subs only

VCD - Kurosagi (w YamaPi, guest star Kei-chan) * Chinese subs only

VCD - Proposal Daisakusen (w YamaPi) * Chinese subs only

VCD - Ikeburo West Gate Park (w YamaPi) * Chinese subs only

VCD - Ganbatte Ikimasshoi (w Uchi and Ryo) * Chinese subs only

Misc goods : HERE

Massu - Pacific Tour 2007-2008 jumbo uchiwa) <= will feel safer selling to local buyers via meet up but if you want it I can try to mail it overseas as well >.<

(I may be able to get my hands on Tegoshi and Ryo's Pacific uchiwas as well, please contact me if you're interested)

Massu and Shige - laminated A3 picture

Ryo - laminated A4 picture

Thank you! ^^v

((Dear mods, if this is not allowed I'll gladly move this into a monthly sales post but I couldn't find one D: Hope this is ok at least for now. Appreciate it!))
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