wonderfailure (wonderfailure) wrote in news_jpop,

Looking for "Dachitabi" video/s~

Hi, guys! O/

I would like to ask if anyone of you knows where I can find a subbed (or not but preferably subbed lol) copy of "Dachitabi"?
I wanted to watch it cause obviously, I have no news of it and I just discovered it now. OTL
I tried to look at newshfan's but apparently MF deleted it. And as usual, YT deleted the video on their site, too. Arg! >.<
So yeah... if anyone knows where I can DL it, please tell me. ^^

PS: Mods, I don't know what tag/s to use on this so.. I didn't put any. I'm sorry~

Thank you very much to those who will answer! It is very much appreciated! :)
God bless us all! :>

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