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NEWS 10ve Anniversary


H A P P Y  1 0 v e  A N N I V E R S A R Y  N E W S ~ ! !

i know you’ve been through a lot of problems and trials, but you guys were strong to reach this point. We, your fans, will always be here to support and love you guys til the end! Unlike other fandoms, we were not that big or anything, but well we were strong enough to crash a site on your comeback *cough**cough*.. it was hard for us when NEWS was on hiatus but we knew it was harder on you. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT GIVING UP THIS GROUP, THIS FRIENDSHIP, THIS FAMILY. i am really really proud to shout out to the world that i am a chankapaana!!

i wasn’t able to make something better for their anniversary, my work’s eating up all my time so this have to do XD those moving dots were supposed to be penlights from fans hahaha i need to practice more on that
^ o ^);;

i might as well share this here! it's my 10th Anniversary drawing for my NEWS babies! :'D HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT <3
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