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News Variety Show: 4x9 Show Info, Promotions and how to support #4x9

On Monday 6 October 2014, News will have a special variety show called 4x9!  At this stage, it is being billed as a special one off show, but we all hope that there will be more episodes.  Please read on for the best ways to show your support!

The Show:
4x9 (よんたいきゅう) (in romaji: yontaikyuu) is a variety show airing on NTV, Monday 6 October 2014, starting from 23:59.
The show will feature all four News members interacting via the internet with 9 other people.  (This explains the 4x9 title).
Hopefully the show will be funny, and bright, and very engaging.  From the previews, it appears that the News members are dressed in handsome black suits.  Definitely a show that News fans will want to watch!  Check out

The NTV Promotions:

To promote 4x9, all News members will be appearing on other NTV shows during Monday 6 October, as follows:

Sukkiri (スッキリ- Shige
PON - Tegoshi
Hirunan desu(ヒルナンデス)- Massu
News every - Koyama, Shige, Tegoshi, Massu
TORE - Koyama, Shige
(AND 4x9 at the end of the day!)

(No official word on when during each of these shows the members will be appearing.  Please check the online guide for the start and finish times - (It's the first column).

How to support 4x9:

There are a few ways to support News, the members and their new show.  Please check this tweet by @sg_paanas:  They have done a magnificent job of summarising what can and will help, with reference to @newskattuneito.

in brief: Use social media like Twitter and Facebook to like the 4x9 page and to tweet about it. Go to tweet about the show.  Use the hashtag #4x9 before and during the broadcast. (Note the lowercase x in the hashtag.)  After the broadcast, send comments to NTV about the show - including a wish that it becomes a regular program!

Please check out sg_paanas tweet linked above for all the relevant info (including some handy japanese phrases if you need some help expressing your thoughts in japanese!)

If you can - pleast watch 4x9, and please try and engage on social media, especially twitter about it. Use twipple if you can, and the hastag.  Let's show NTV how much we are looking forward to and supporting 4x9!

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