4newsfans_mod (4newsfans_mod) wrote in news_jpop,

New NEWS community

Hello, everyone!

In September of last year we launched a new and actively moderated NEWS community for all fans. We are aware of the various other resources for news and media scattered around and outside of LiveJournal, but we hope to still make this community a spot where we can gather them all in one convenient place. Just as importantly, we also hope to make it a place for fans to actively interact with each other again aside from just being a resource site.

The moderators will do their best to oversee the posts, update the calendar, and organize masterposts, but of course a community cannot be run just by mods. To make a fan community for fans and by fans possible, we ask for everyone joining to share any info, media, fanwork, or start discussions (as long as they abide by the rules!). Please lend a helping hand to other fans who may not have access to all the information and resources!

The community is starting out modestly and it is far from perfect, but if possible we'd love for everyone to join and participate in this effort to build up and revive the NEWS Livejournal community.

Come and join!! 4newsfans


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