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I hope it is okay to post here. I am selling some items from NEWS and TegoMasu, most are limited editions:

TegoMasu Miso Soup LE CD/DVD - $14
TegoMasu Kiss LE CD/DVD - $14
TegoMasu Tegomass no Uta LE CD/DVD album - $15
TegoMasu - Ai Ai Gasa LE CD/DVD - $12
TegoMasu - Tanabata Matsuri CD/DVD - $10

GYM - Fever to Future LE Single - $10
NEWS Taiyou no Namida LE Single - Brand New - $7
NEWS Koi no ABO LE CD/DVD single - $15
NEWS LE Happy Birthday Single - crack on back of case - $5
NEWS Taiyou no Namida First Press Regular Edition - $5
NEWS LE Live Album CD/DVD - $15
NEWS Summer Time LE Single - $6
Yamapi LE Hadakanbo Single - $10

Also selling first press, limited edition NEWS DVDs for $32 each.

All prices are in USD. Shipping is from the US. Prices do not include shipping and PayPal fees.

Please go here for more details:
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