twinklemassu (twinklemassu) wrote in news_jpop,

Support News' Single!

International paanas! 2016 is a key year for News and we should help them increase the sales of Hikari No Shizuku/Touch!
Japanese Paanas were disappointed that News couldn't make 100,000 sales on the 1st day. Also, News went down to 2nd on Oricon Ranking since Smap has become 1st.
I know it's hard to pay for the cds, but the Japanese fans are buying the concert tickets, and really can't splurge right now. So it would be helpful if we could buy a single, or at least promote it. Most of us won't be going to the concerts after all, and us international paanas can help push News back to 1st right?'s not impossible...:p
Thank you very much!!!!

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