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NEWS news (week of 8 May)

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This week's updates - concert reports, appearances etc.

  • Sexy Zone 6 May 2nd concert MC

    • Kento’s CM for Tsum Tsum (pronounced as Tsumu Tsumu in Japan) was mentioned, following which Marius started singing “Chumu Chumu”, but got the lyrics wrong. Sou: It’s Chumu Chumu INDIA! Will you at least get this part right!? Kento: Oh yes we forgot we have a NEWS fan here. One who went all the way to Shizuoka for their concert. (Source)

  • Osaka 7 May 2nd concert MC

    • On May 4th (Midori no Hi [Green Day] a national holiday in Japan) Shige took Koyama out for sushi for his birthday, and then reserved him a ticket to go see “Beauty and Beast” by himself since Shige couldn’t go because he had to get up early the next day for Bibitto. Since there was an hour of free time between dinner and the movie, Shige went over to Koyama’s house for the first time and wrote “ Yaaay! It’s Shige” in permanent marker on his kitchen countertop. Koyama also believed Shige that the permanent marker can be cleaned off (Source 1 2) Note: Some fans call "Midori no Hi" Shige's day as, well, it's Green Day.

    • Tegoshi told a story about how he once cried in the movie theater watching the movie “Mirai Nikki” and a couple sitting next to him laughed saying “That blonde guy’s crying a lot” and now he can’t cry in movie theaters anymore. (Source)

    • When asked about what the last movie he watched was, Massu replied “Conan” that he recorded off the TV. And that his favourite movies are animes, as it’s easiest to put emotions in. He also likes things like Doraemon and Anpanman (Source)

    • Koyama said that Tegoshi and Massu haven’t given him anything for his birthday yet, and first they joked that Tegoshi would give Koyama a kiss for his birthday, but only if it was on the mouth. But when asked what he wanted from them he said he wanted Massu to coordinate an outfit for him and for Tegoshi to get him alcohol since he knows a lot about wine. They mentioned that they had talked about having a wine party with all 4 members. (Source 1 2)

    • NEWS mentioned their upcoming 15th anniversary next year again and that they want to do a lot of things for it. Tegoshi said that there’s an area near USJ (Universal Studios Japan) where they could hold an open air concert and that he wants to do a halloween themed concert. (Source)

  • Shige’s Radio, Sorashige Book (7 May)

    • A listener wrote into Shige’s radio show to thank him for his solo song Ayame. She said that the message of the song really resonated with her when she was going through a hard time after breaking up with her long-distance boyfriend and that it helped her a lot.

      Shige said that he was really happy to hear that because he wrote Ayame with the hope that it could help people and that he’s careful with his words so that he can help others without hurting anyone. (Source 1 2 3)

    • Another listener wrote in to ask what movie Shige watched in Fukuoka before the concert, and he said that he watched “Moonlight” and continued to talk about it for awhile. (Source 1 2 3)

  • There were sightings of Massu at Tsukada’s (ABC-Z) stage on 11 May, and this proved to be true as Tsukada mentioned Massu in his jweb (13 May) to thank him for going to watch, despite being in the middle of his tour.

  • The Shounen Club Premium

    • 19 May Episode - ShigeMass goes to Kyoto, where Yamamura Momiji-san shows them secret ways to enjoy Kyoto. This is probably the shoot Shige mentioned in his jweb dated 10 May. KoyaTego goes to Aomori with Honjo Manami-san to learn more about moss and the world of micro organisms (Source)

    • 16 Jun Episode - guests will be Subaru, Nishikido, Maruyama and Hina from K8. They are also taking in activity requests for the 8 of them here. Deadline’s 15 May 24:00 JST. (Source)

  • Nagoya 13 May concert MC

    • Shige mentioned he watched Music Station the night before and was surprised to hear the juniors singing “Byakuya”. He thought, “Shige would be at this position!” Massu said all the juniors’ voices were still very high and mimicked them singing “Byakuya” and “EMMA”. When asked which seniors’ songs they’d like to sing if they were juniors, Tegoshi said NEWS and Shige said excluding NEWS. Massu, “Because if Tegoshi was still a junior, NEWS wouldn’t exist!” (Source 1 2)

    • They mentioned SUMMARY, saying they’d like to do a SUMMARY tour again, this time as the 7 of them, all over 30. They also talked about which KT songs they like

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  • ★ (26) ICONS ★

    Graphics: Icons. Featuring: Jpop: KAT-TUN [Kamenashi Kazuya,Taguchi Junnosuke,Ueda Tatsuya,Nakamaru Yuichi]. Jpop: NEWS [Koyama…

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