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NEWS news (week of 14 May)

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Lot's of updates this week!

  • Nagoya 14 May 1st concert MC

    • Apparently when Shige woke up he was losing his voice, so during rehearsal before the concert the other members sang his parts. However, during the actual concert he was still able to sing the high notes in Ayame T: Listening backstage, [we] were relieved! (Source 1 2)

    • Shige cried during the last song (due to losing his voice), and seeing that Koyama cried too. During the part when they usually ask the audience to sing, Tegoshi asked the audience to sing extra loud today for Shige, and Shige smiled. (Source 1 2)

    • The previous night the members and around 150 staff members had a party where they played NEWS “Intro don” quiz. [A game to see who can guess the song the fastest from just the first second or so of the song] (Source 1)

    • While talking about the costumes Massu designed, Tegoshi suggested they do some poses. Koyama said the 4 of them should try walking down the slope together, but when the cue was given, only Koyama walked down. He ended off properly with a pose though. K: Holding a bag version. T: Samatha Thavasa! Miranda Koya (Source)

  • Nagoya 14 May 2nd concert MC

    • Massu thanked “Osaka” instead of “Nagoya” in the 1st concert, and when Koyama pointed that out, he put up a bad defense saying it’s still Japan and who decided you can only call Nagoya “Nagoya” anyway. Then Koyama said Massu went back to the dressing room and went “Crap, I said Osaka” and the Massu at that point looked quite cute (Source 1 2 3)

    • Inaba (MADE) asked Massu if NEWS could buy hitsumabushi (unagi rice), a Nagoya delicacy, for them since the juniors couldn’t go out. But because a few of the juniors have been asking Koyama & Tegoshi too, Massu was afraid of over ordering. But in the end, he spoke to one of the higher ups of the concert company, and had hitsumabushi brought in for everybody (Source 1 2)

    • During the MC, the members decided to answer a question from the audience. Tegoshi requested that they ask a male fan, so Koyama went down into the arena and gave the mic to a male Massu fan who asked what they did during the break between the two shows. Massu got a massage and hung out with Inaba. Tegoshi played games on his cellphone while getting a massage, and the other members complained that he’s really loud when he’s playing games. Shige ate Hitsumabushi and iced his throat. Koyama was clearing candies on his phone (leads to next point) (Source 1 2 3 4 5)

    • Koyama said he’s been hooked on the game Candy Crush recently. (Source)

    • Massu told a story about how in the dressing room he went to play some music off his phone to a bluetooth speaker, but music he had never heard before started to play. The speaker had connected to Tegoshi’s phone instead and started to play the music from his game. (Source 1 2)

    • At the end of the MC when Koyama usually talks for a little bit on his own, Tegoshi snuck up behind him shirtless. (Source)

  • It was announced on May 15th that Koyama will be co-hosting a variety special, Otasuke JAPAN (おたすけJAPAN), with KAT-TUN’s Nakamaru Yuichi. The special is set to air on June 14th at 7pm on Fuji TV. This will be the first time in 6 years that they will act together as MC since their time as hosts on The Shonen Club in 2011.

    The show will be in a documentary format with various experts traveling with celebrity “otasuke supporters” (help supporters) around the world to help people solve their problems. KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya will also appear via VTR as an otasuke supporter traveling to Indonesia to tackle the issue of graffiti on cultural heritage sites. There’s a possibility for this to become a regular program depending on the response, and Koyama said he’d like Massu to appear for the next shoot as Tegoshi is too used to travelling overseas (Source 1 2)


  • Jweb - Shigeaki no Cloud (15 May)

    • Shige wrote about losing his voice during the second day of Nagoya shows. He apologized to fans, and the members, and said that he was able to get some time to rest and fully recover.


  • Miyajima Sakura-san (TM’s co-host for their radio programme) mentioned Tegoshi in her tweet to promote Tegomass no Radio, saying she saw the cover of Mgirl at the bookstore, and thought that must be someone she knew. After taking a better look, she realised it to be Tegoshi, but she couldn’t tell on first look because he was as pretty as a girl (Source)

  • Jweb - NEWS Ring (17 May)

    • It was Koyama’s turn to update this week, and he wrote about his eating habits while on tour.

  • 18 May MADE’s Crea show

    • Koyama came to watch the show. He wasn’t introduced during the MC, but at the end of the show Akiyama Taiga shouted out “Kei-chan, Thank you!” and he quickly bowed before leaving. (Source 1 2)

    • Tegoshi was mentioned during the MC. On the topic of how the members of MADE are becoming more like Tegoshi, Tomioka Kento said “That’s bad isn’t it” to which the other members quickly denied it saying “It’s not bad!” (Source)

    • The show started with EMMA, with the members wearing NEWS’s old costumes with gold stars on them from LIVE!LIVE!LIVE!. Apparently when they consulted Massu about what to do for costumes he gave the costumes to them. The star costumes were originally designed with the wish for NEWS to become stars, and MADE said that they also wear them hoping to become stars too. (Source 1 2 3)

  • 19 May MADE’s Crea, 2nd show

    • Massu came to watch the show. Like with Koyama the day before there was no introduction during the MC, but they thanked him at the end of the show saying “Masuda-kun, Thank you!” (Source 1 2)

    • In the MC they talked about the time Massu appeared as a guest in Johnny’s All-Star Island. Between the two shows on that day they all played a card game together, but due to Massu’s batsu-game (punishment for losing) they ended up going on stage with red arms. (Source)

    • They also discussed the Intro don quiz that NEWS mentioned in the MC of their Nagoya show. (Source 1 2)

  • Jweb- KEIICHIRO (19 May)

    • Koyama wrote about seeing MADE’s Crea show, hosting Otasuke JAPAN with Nakamaru, and announced that he’ll be appearing in Netapare with Massu to promote the show.

  • 20 May MADE’s Crea, 1st show

    • During the MC they talked about how when Koyama was getting acupuncture done on his face before the concert in Nagoya, Tegoshi lay down next to him and took a nap on him. He slept for about 10 minutes resting his head on Koyama’s chest. (Source 1 2)

    • Akiyama Taiga also talked about how from their dressing room they can hear Tegoshi shouting “Nice!!” in NEWS’s dressing room about once every 10 minutes. (Source)

  • 20 May MADE’s Crea, 2nd show

    • Tegoshi came to watch the show. He was excited and moving along to the NEWS songs they did in the show. When Akiyama Taiga shouted “Yuya, Thank you!” at the end of the show, Tegoshi put up two thumbs up and clapped. (Source 1 2 3)

  • Jweb - Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (21 May)

    • Massu wrote about MADE’s Crea show and his thoughts behind giving NEWS’s old costumes to them for it.

  • Leaks of Massu’s photoshoot in the July issue of Biteki (美的), on sale May 23rd, that feature him in the pool and showing off his physique in a variety of topless shots have been causing a stir, reaching the #1 bestseller spot in women’s fashion and lifestyle magazines on sites like Japanese Amazon & Rakuten. He referred to the shoot in the April 20th entry of his jweb, saying that it took about 2 years of being asked to do the photoshoot before he agreed to it. He also mentioned Biteki again on the May 18th broadcast of Master Hits, once at the start and once at the end, saying it wasn’t something that he’d have asked to do, but didn’t want to reject work offers. He decided to do it now as it finally felt like the right time.

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  • ★ (26) ICONS ★

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