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NEWS news (week of 28 May)

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Updates for the week!


  • 28 May NEVERLAND in Wakayama (1st concert)

    • At the start of a certain song Shige missed his timing to start singing and when the song stopped the other three members came towards him and Tegoshi asked if they should try again, so they decided to start the song over. Massu reintroduced the song and it restarted, but he was fooling around by doing in a manner like on Music Station and had to restart it again. (Source 1 2)

    • During the MC they started to discuss going to university, and Massu brought up how Koyama and Shige both graduated from university and Tegoshi had started (but never finished). Tegoshi explained that he got tired of it and thought that he should be spending that time working on improving his performances instead.  Massu boasted that he’d been thinking like that since the 6th grade and Koyama added that it was also courageous to quit. (Source 1 2)

    • On how Massu chose his high school - M: I was busy with Kinpachi Sensei so my mum went to look at the schools for me and showed them to me. It was as if I was choosing some property (laugh) K: How did you decide? M: By giving priority to work. (Source)

    • They also talked about how Tegoshi and Shige took the same entrance examination for Aoyama on the same day before they were in NEWS together. Shige passed but Tegoshi failed. T: I thought that I could get in easily but then my number wasn’t there. I was really upset about it. How was it for you? (when results are announced, the numbers of the students who passed the exam are posted outside the school.) S:It was easy! T: Augh! S: Tegoshi, Tegoshi.. Yay!!

      But then Shige revealed that actually his number hadn’t been there either but he had been the first person on the waiting list and there were people who gave up their places.

      S: If you had passed we’d have been classmates. T: We might have been best friends. M: Shige might’ve been bullied by Tegoshi, like finding that his pencil case was missing. S: Why am I the one being bullied? (Source 1 2 3)

    • Tegoshi also talked about the reason he wanted to take an entrance examination for junior high school (rather than go to the one that his elementary school fed into). When he was in 1st grade, a student from that JHS yelled out to him from the window and when he looked up they spat water in his face. He decided he didn’t want to go to school with delinquents and told his parents he wanted to go to a different JHS. (Source 1 2)

    • Koyama asked if Massu had ever thought about going to university. He said he would if he could have, as it’d have been cool to go to a sports university or something. After discussing with his teacher, the teacher said he’d check to see if he could get him recommended in. The next day, the teacher came back to him, “Masuda, looks like it’s impossible!” (Source)

    • After talking about the other three members’ examination stories, Massu added that he had a driving license and that it had taken him three tries before he was able to pass. He talked about how when you fail you’re asked to leave the classroom and reenacted how fast he ran out. He said because of this his license costs more than the others’. (Source 1 2 3)

    • It also came up that Massu has a lifeguard certification. K: So if there was someone really in danger of drowning you could go rescue them? M: Yeah. K: Would you go save them? M: I would. K: The person you save would probably fall in love with you. Like if you rescued a fan… (Fans: KYAAAAAA!!!) S: The person will probably lose consciousness. (laugh) Massu!! (faints) K: Like this? (hugs Tegoshi from behind) T: Massu! (faints) (Source 1 2)

    • They also asked what level certification Koyama has passed for sign language, and he said that he’s passed pre-2nd grade (The 4th highest qualification out of 9 levels, showing advanced level mastery). (Source)

    • On what qualifications they’d like to get if they could now - T: Wine sommelier, or boat license. S: I want a boat license too, but to be honest what I really want is to be a licensed fugu (pufferfish) chef. But that’d require me to first work as a chef for 2 years, and I can’t possibly say, “Sorry, I’m taking a break of 2 years” right. K: You could just work at our shop (referring to his family’s ramen shop). (Source 1 2)


  • 28 May NEVERLAND in Wakayama (2nd concert)

    • At the end of one of the songs where NEWS sing using mic stands they usually take the mic from the stand before the stands are lowered below stage. However, this time Shige started to dance without grabbing it, and realized that he didn’t have a mic once it got to his solo part. The other members came to the rescue offering their mics. (Source)

    • Before the MC started, all of them went to take their drinks, and Shige returned to position the fastest. But for some reason, the 3 of them sat down at the back of the stage where the drinks were. S: Come back here already! T: We’re having a boys’ gathering. (Source)

    • They asked the 16 juniors who’ve been following them around this tour on stage and had them do a self-introduction. Just as the MC was about to end, Koyama asked Massu do a self intro too. Massu didn’t want to but was made to anyway, and he started pulling his shirt up (cue fangirl screams). But in the end, he just pulled the neck of his shirt up over his head, and went, “It’s Brother Massu!” in a kids programme style referencing his character from Hen Lab. (Source 1 2)

    • Massu spoofed a part of “Superman” PPAP style. “Nasu...Shoyu...Uh! Umai!” And the venue became completely silent. (Source)


  • 3 June NEVERLAND in Hiroshima

    • At the start of the MC Tegoshi complimented Koyama’s style and said he had a small head and long legs which led Massu to ask to be complimented too. (Source)

    • They talked about Shige being picked to MC for Inochi no Uta and Koyama praised him a lot saying how amazing it was. (Source)

    • They talked about the setup of their sofas and tables in their dressing room again. For this tour, it’s been set up such that they each get their own couch with Koyama and Massu sharing a table, and Tegoshi and Shige sharing another. Koyama&Massu’s table is kept very clean where as Tegoshi&Shige’s is messy. (Source 1)

    • Shige told a story about how Tegoshi sent him a message on LINE while he was in the middle of his radio show asking if he ate taiyaki starting from the head or the tail. He said that he doesn’t like red bean paste, so he doesn’t eat them, but if he did he would probably start from the head. Tegoshi replied that that was what he had thought Shige would answer. When Shige asked why he was asking Tegoshi read the message but never replied.

      Tegoshi said he asked because they got a message to Tegomass’s radio show saying that you can tell if someone is an only child based on how they eat taiyaki, which is why he wanted to ask Shige. Apparently only children tend to start from the head whereas people with siblings tend to feel bad about eating the taiyaki’s head so they eat from the tail. Koyama said that he doesn’t feel that way. (Source 1 2 3 4)

    • From there, Koyama decided they should all answer the question. M: Well, before that what about strawberry shortcake? From the tip of the cake? From the strawberries? I eat from the tip and eat the strawberries as I come to them. K: There are people who start from the back too aren’t there? T&S&M: The back??

      M:I break the taiyaki in half and squeeze out the red bean paste… I want to say something about dorayaki! K: Huh? That’s out of nowhere! S: We’ve been talking about taiyaki though! M: I think the castella part of dorayaki is the most delicious!

      M: I’m saying that I don’t need that much red bean paste, so I’d actually be more happy with a less filled taiyaki. S: I wonder why taiyaki is in the shape of a carp [‘tai’ in Japanese]? K: Huh? S: Wouldn’t it be better if the sides of dorayaki were closed? T: That’s called Obanyaki… M: Momiji manju! *suddenly* (Source 1 2 3)


  • Koyama has recordings for “Chikarauta” on June 8th and 22nd. (source: fan club email)

  • On June 1st it was announced that Shige will act as the main MC for a music show called “Inochi no Uta 2017” that will be broadcast in August. The program is broadcast by NHK Hiroshima TV Station and has been running every summer since 2008 focusing on the theme of “Peace and Love”.

    The director of the program said that he picked Shige due to his knowledge of music entertainment, and language. As of now only a few performing artists have been announced with more to follow. (Source 1 2)



  • Radio - Kchan NEWS (30 May)

    • Massu was the guest again this week.

    • They received a letter from a listener asking about who their good kouhai are and they said that all their kouhai are good mentioning MADE, Hey!Say!JUMP, and Sexy Zone. They talked about how Matsushima Sou from Sexy Zone brought a really nice gift for them when he came to see them in Shizuoka- the fancy kind of fruit jelly where the jelly is in the rind of the fruit.

      They said it’s really hard to pick out what to bring when they go see their senpai's concerts. Massu told a story of how one time when he was going to see V6’s concert, he knows their manager so he asked him what they always have in their dressing room thinking that if he got that then it’d definitely be something that they want. The manager told him bananas, so he bought 6 high-end bananas (one for each member) and when he brought it to their dressing room they acted really happy and thanked him but then he saw they already had a whole bunch of bananas in their dressing room.

    • They also talked some about Massu’s Biteki pool-side photo shoot, and Koyama praised how cool and sexy Massu looked.

  • Tegomass no Radio will hit its 300th broadcast soon, and they are now taking in requests for that show. Email to: tegomass@mbs1179.com


  • NR.jpgNEWS Ring (31 May)

    • It was Massu’s turn to update this week. He talked about the tour and his plans for the summer.

  • M.jpg  Massu no Marumaru (31 May)

    • Massu wrote about the Wakayama concerts and going out to eat afterwards with his manager. He wrote about how the staff when told that a NEWS member was coming to their shop thought that a newscaster was going to come not a member of NEWS.

  • K.jpg  KEIICHIRO

    • Below is the response received from Johnny’s Jweb to an enquiry about why users aren’t able to see any previous entries for Koyama’s new jweb KEIICHIRO. The answer seems to indicate that this is how it has been set up.



  • On May 29th the winning group of CDJapan’s most popular Johnny’s Entertainment Group poll was announced, and NEWS came in first place with over 6000 votes! That means that until June 14th the site will be offering extra rewards points on NEWS products. (Source)

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