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NEWS news (week of 4 June)

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This week's updates!


  • 4 June NEVERLAND in Hiroshima (1st Concert)

    • Koyama commented on how Tegoshi looked really sleepy that morning and Tegoshi said that the night before he woke up in the middle of the night to watch soccer. T: I set my alarm for 3am, and because I get excitement syndrome, when it was over I couldn’t go back to sleep. M&K: Don’t talk about it as if it’s an illness! T: I couldn’t sleep and stayed up playing games. (Source)

    • While talking about concert uchiwa. S: At Johnny’s Countdown I waved to someone holding a Shige uchiwa but when they didn’t react I looked closer and realized it was for Shigeoka [Daiki, member of Johnny’s WEST] since he also goes by Shige. M: That’s troublesome, you should tell them to cut it out! Audience: Kyaa! T: Yeah, since you’re the senpai it’s ok.

      S: [Today] I waved at someone holding my uchiwa but they just glared at me! I ended up thinking ‘Shige’ means me right? Not Shigeoka? K: Yeah this is a NEWS concert. S: The person next to them was also glaring at me while pointing to them. T: Lately there’s a lot of people who point to the person next to them. M: I hate that. (Source 1 2)

    • K: Yesterday I waved at someone holding Massu’s uchiwa and their face looked so unimpressed, so I made the same face back at them and they burst out laughing. I thought ‘I won!’. M: It makes us happy when other member’s fans wave to us too. K: Fans of the other members are also fans of NEWS. (Source)

    • Tegoshi asked Shige what he thought about people who bring uchiwa with his name in kanji since he changed his name to katakana. S: I want to ask them what they mean by it. If it’s just that they only made one and have been using the same one this whole time. Or if it means that they like everything about Shigeaki, or if they’re saying that they preferred the me from before I changed my name. I’m not trying to say it’s bad or anything! I just don’t see those kanji except when filling out paperwork so it doesn’t feel real... M: It probably means that they knew about you from before, right? (Source 1 2)

    • In the MC Tegoshi pointed out a male fan holding an uchiwa that said “I’m Koyama too!” Koyama said he had noticed it too and went down into the arena to where the fan was and asked him if he really was also named Koyama and who he liked. He was a Koyama fan. T: Koyama’s in love with Koyama! Fan: I love Koyama!

      On the back of the uchiwa was the message “Blow a kiss!” (Source 1 2)


  • 4 June NEVERLAND in Hiroshima (2nd Concert)

    • At the start of the MC, Tegoshi snuck up on Massu and scared him and he yelled and then crouched down pretending to cry. (Source)

    • The members commented on how it was the last arena concert of the tour and how they want to keep doing smaller venues like arenas and halls along with domes and to also do outdoor concerts again. (Source)

    • During the MC the members were talking sans mic for awhile when Koyama grabbed Tegoshi’s head and angled his mouth towards it pretending to move his mouth. S: What are you doing? K: It’s a gold mic! S: We couldn’t tell at all! T: I thought he was going to bite my head!

      K: Tegoshi, you smell really good! T: Really? But I’m not wearing anything, I forgot my perfume in Tokyo! K: (while smelling Tegoshi’s neck again) Vanilla! Your neck smells like vanilla. T: Maybe it’s the costume.  (Source 1 2 3)

    • The members decided to answer some questions from the audience, so Koyama went to go find a male audience member to ask. T: Even from afar he looks stylish! M: Koyama really has the build of a star doesn’t he.

      As Koyama was running to bring the mic to fans asking questions the others began to yell to him making fun of Tegoshi’s solo. M: Go to the right side!! S: Go until you reach heaven! [the word ‘go’ in Japanese has the same connotation as ‘come’ in English and is what’s used in the Japanese lyrics of Tegoshi’s solo] (Source 1 2)

    • When Koyama went down into the arena to get questions from fans he saw NEWS’ choreographer air:man who always wears a tall and unique looking hat. K: There’s someone here with a crazy hat! T: The heart of NEWS. (Source)

    • One question came from a couple, whereby the husband was a Tegoshi fan and the wife a Koyama fan. (M: This is why it’s terrible! Aren’t there any Masuda & Kato couples out thereeee!? S: Masuda & Kato couples~~ Aren’t there any somewhereeee?) The couple asked how they can get along together well without fighting like NEWS does.  S: You should watch NEWS’ DVDs together. K: Nice one, Mr Kato! M: (rapper style) Your squabble will suddenly seem silly...yo yo yo. S: (musical style) Recall how you felt at NEVERLAND!

      K: I wonder… You should talk to each other about everything. S: We’ve been through a lot and ended up with this number [of members]. T: If you let things pile up, it’ll be too late to go back by the time you realize something’s wrong. K: How many years have you been married? Couple: 2 years! K: See, we’ve been together for 15 years. (Source 1 2 3)

    • A young boy who was a Tegoshi fan was called on to ask a question and he asked how to become good at soccer. At first Shige sat down on the steps and complained that it wasn’t a question for him to answer, but then as Tegoshi started to try to answer said “Isn’t it practice?” to which Massu rebutted “Why is Shige answering! He’s never even dribbled a ball!”

      T: I think it’s sincerely loving it. In sports and with this job too there’s difficult parts, but as long as you continue to love being able to hold concerts and stand in front of fans... Loving what you do is important. (Source 1 2 3 4)

    • The members then asked for a question from a Shige or Massu fan and a Shige fan was also called on to ask a question. They asked how to become able to write interesting books. S: You have to like it… right Tegoshi?

      As they were about to move on to a new topic Shige complained that when they asked for Shige or Massu fans, the fan who asked the question had pulled his uchiwa out of his bag in a hurry. S: I don’t think that he’s really a Shige fan! You weren’t waving it! Wave it! (Source 1 2 3)

    • Though they answered various male fans’ questions during the MC, none of them were Massu fans. M: I don’t like Hiroshima men! T: Here! I have a question! M: Yes, you over there, the weird blond guy. T: What are ‘clothes’ to you? I want to become fashionable. M: Go read mina! T: He’s not very nice to blonds... (Source 1 2)

    • Apparently Koyama bought the issue of Mgirl with Tegoshi’s cover and photoshoot. K: The eyeliner! I bought it and sent a picture [over LINE]. Putting it down at the register was so embarrassing… (to Massu) You got naked didn’t you. M: Yeah, the staff... S: They persuaded you? K: Will you go fully nude next time? M: …I won’t. T: If not from the waist up, go for the bottom! M: ...All right.  (Source 1 2)

    • On 24hr TV - K: I don’t know who’ll be running the marathon yet, but I do know who will be designing the T-shirts. M: Eh!? It’s not me!? I thought they’d finally ask me this year~~ (Source)

    • Tegoshi’s final greetings: “This is the last arena concert. Thank you so much! Because of the way I am, there might have been times when I made you feel uneasy. But as long as you want me to, I will continue to be the idol Tegoshi Yuya! Thank you so much!” (Source 1 2)


  • Recently ItteQ has been in the headlines for getting consistently high ratings. The episode broadcast on June 4th marked the 9th time this year and the 5th consecutive week of ratings over 20%, surpassing last year’s 4 week streak. ItteQ was first broadcast in February of 2007 marking its 10th anniversary this year.  (Source)


  • Radio - Kchan NEWS (6 June)

    • Tegoshi was the guest this week.

    • They discussed the tour and said that they’re thankful to all the fans who come to the concerts no matter who’s fan they are and that they like when fans holding other member’s uchiwa wave to them, adding that it’s sad when they ignore them.

    • Near the end of the broadcast Tegoshi took a photo of Koyama while he was talking. Koyama complained that lately Tegoshi has been doing things like secretly taking photos of their manager while on the bullet train and sharing it in the member’s group chat.

  • Radio - Tegomass no Radio (7 June)

    • This was the radio show where a listener sent in a question asking if Tegomass started eating taiyaki from the head or the tail for the debate corner. They barely managed to start a debate before drifting off to other topics, but Tegoshi was very sure Shige would have the same answer as him and said he’ll text him right there and then to find out.

    • Another listener wrote in to ask who usually says the message to hype everybody up when NEWS and all of the staff form a circle before the concert starts. It’s usually Tegoshi, but for the concert when Shige lost his voice, Tegoshi made Shige do it and everyone was very happy and supportive.

    • They also talked about how they usually have 4 types of beverages prepared for them during concerts - water, sports drinks, amino acid drinks and herbal tea good for the throat. Tegoshi mostly goes for water while Massu usually drinks herbal tea.


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  • Shigeaki no Cloud (6 June)SC.jpg

    • Shige wrote about the tour ending soon and talked about being picked to MC the music program Inochi no Uta 2017 airing this summer, his third novel Burn being released in paperback, and announced that he’ll have an essay published again in the 2017 summer edition of the magazine Shousetsu TRIPPER (小説 TRIPPER).

  • NEWS Ring (7 June)NR.jpg

    • It was Koyama’s turn to update this week. He wrote about what he did during the day and the preparation leading up to the tour finale.

  • Massu no Marumaru (8 June)M.jpg

    • Massu wrote about the Hiroshima concerts and the arena tour locations coming to an end. He mentioned that the members all went to dinner together with the juniors in Hiroshima.

  • Jweb - Higashi’s Super Charge (8 June)

    • In this segment where Higashiyama replies to questions from fans, a fan wrote in to say Higashiyama has never done a collaboration with NEWS, and he replied that that’s true and he’ll consider it.


  • air:man, mentioned in the Hiroshima MC earlier, apparently has been traveling with them to all the concert venues, looking at the parts of Japan he was at in correspondence to the tour dates. His tweet on Hiroshima mentioned that it was the last of the arena tours and that it had been an awesome concert. (Source)

  • Shige’s third novel, Burn, will be released in paperback on July 25th. burn.jpg
    It was originally
    released as a hardcover novel in
    It is now available for pre-order including the following sites - amazon.jp, cdjapan, hmv

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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  • NEWS official Youtube channel?

    I've been wondering for a while... Since Arashi got their official Youtube channel, why NEWS didn't get one yet? Can someone enlighten me?

  • Tegoshi Yuya survey

    Hi guys! Since I’m so bored, I’ll ask questions about Tegoshi Yuya. This is a survey. I just want to know your thoughts about him. So I will be…

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