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NEWS news (Tokyo Dome Final Special)

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  • 10 June NEVERLAND Tokyo Dome

    *2 of our mods were at this show, so the reports will be mainly based on what they saw

    • The set list was different from that of the arenas, with the 4 songs “Snow Drop”, “Byakuya”, “Anthem”, and “Nagisa no Onee Sama” added and some songs extended, like the ending melody for “Silent Love” where Tegoshi did a lot of ad-lib singing to fill up the time. This is likely to give them more time to move around the bigger venue

    • Tegoshi was wearing pretty heavy eye makeup.

    • The members fooled around a lot during DTF. During the part when Massu sings his solo line and the other 3 members usually playfully mess around some, all three members hugged him and playfully moved him back and forth while he tried to sing.

      Then during the part when they’re supposed to dance with the Juniors after moving to the back stage Tegoshi kept pretending to move from his position so the juniors would have to move him back (something he’s been doing in previous shows as well), Shige was standing slightly off stage on a step-platform-like area, and Massu and all the juniors back dancing in his group stopped doing the choreography completely and stood still.

    • During “Koi no ABO”, Koyama changed the lyrics to “Hey A! Kichomen Shige” (Meticulous Shige) & “Hey B! Hanseichu Tegoshi” (Tegoshi, reflecting [on his actions])

    • During “Full Swing” Koyama started to cry and wasn’t able to sing his solo line. At the end of the song the four members gathered together and Koyama hugged Tegoshi from the side burrowing his head in his shoulder.

    • At the beginning of the MC, Massu started nagging Tegoshi to keep his costume on till at least they walked back to the main stage, but Tegoshi said it’s so hot it’s impossible. In the meantime, Koyama was stealthily taking his off. Tegoshi then draped his costume over Massu, after which Koyama ran back to get his and draped it over Massu too. Massu started complaining now nobody can see how the costumes look like but the 3 of them said nope he looks fine, in fact he looks like one of those sopranos, and Massu shot off a few high notes

    • Tegoshi randomly asked whether Sorajiro has cholesterol issues, and Koyama said nobody should make fun of Sorajiro like this. They started discussing whether there was another character before Sorajiro, as “Ji” in Japanese means second and “Jiro” is usually used for the second child. M: Ah! Keiichiro? (where ichi means first and ichiro usually used for the first child) K: We don’t look alike at all!

    • Tegoshi then asked “What about Ramen Ryutaro?” K: Stop it! That’s my father’s name! That’s private information! S: Stop leaking out private information before 55k people! M: 090…(the start of Koyama’s number) K: Oei! T: (to Koyama) It’s important to be careful about your personal information. S: Look who’s speaking! (in an attempt to change the topic) M: (in an exceptionally high-pitched voice) Wow! Isn’t today really fun??? S: Yeah it sure is!

    • Just as Shige was talking about how even if they can’t see the last few rows of the Dome clearly, it’s the emotions that matter, the alarm to end MC came on right in the middle of how “It’s the emotions-” The other 3 burst out laughing at the timing of the alarm, but encouraged him to try again, saying this time Mr. Impossible won’t interrupt him for sure. Shige started again, and of course, the alarm rang again.

    • They talked about the things members always say during concerts, such as Shige’s “TADAIMA--” at Tokyo Dome. M: Shige always does that “Do you love us? (KYAAAA) “Don’t be stupid, I love you more.” S: Shige is weak at improvisation!

    • From talking about Shige’s ‘Tadaima’ (meaning ‘I’m home!’) the members joked that Shige must live in Tokyo Dome and asked him how much the rent was. He replied that for someone of his status it’s free. K: So you’re renting this out for the baseball matches? S: Yeah.

    • During “Pokoponpekorya”, where they get fans to dance with them, Massu commented on how some of the fans skipped the turning bit. S: Well, I’m sure they did it inside their hearts. It’s the thought that counts! Shige felt all of your thoughts! M: Don’t be stupid, I felt them more!

    • During the final song, “U R not alone”, Massu began to cry from the first line and wasn’t able to sing. Shige looked over at Massu and stopped too, but Tegoshi picked it up, Koyama, and then Shige joined in to finish ShigeMassu’s part. A bit later in the song when Massu was still crying Shige came over and put his arm around his shoulders and Koyama and Tegoshi put their arms around each other as well.

  • People who went for the June 10 concert:

    • Miyajima Sakura, Tegomass’ co-host for Tegomass no Radio, who was full of praises for them. She also ended up buying their goods - NEVERLAND towel and the clear file with all 4 of them (Source 1 2)

    • Imai Taro, a programme writer. He went with Miyajima and bought the clearfile & shopping bag (Source)

    • KIDILL, a fashion brand - in support of Massu, as he used some of their clothes in his tour costume designs. (Source 1 2 3)

    • JUON, the guitarist who collaborated with them on “The Shounen Club Premium Live” and wrote BLACKFIRE for them (Source)

    • Tanaka Ichihiko, a writer for programmes like “Typewriters”. He wrote how the passionate concert created by idols and fans was filled with youth and hope (Source)

    • Kawamura Yumi, a chorus singer for many artistes, including NEWS and Tegomass. “NEWS concert had everything - the sexiness of adults, cuteness, coolness” (Source 1 2 )

    • Heroism, a songwriter and producer that has composed many of NEWS’ songs. He praised their performance and said that he wants to work even harder to make even better songs for NEWS. (Source)

    • Watanabe Yuta, reporter from news every., posted a picture of himself outside of Tokyo Dome to his instagram. (Source)

    • Kihara Minoru, the weather reporter from news every. It was mentioned in the MC that he came. (Source)


  • 11 June NEVERLAND Tokyo Dome

    *1 of our mods was at this show, so the reports will be mainly based on what she saw

    • Koyama cried during “Nyanta”, and appeared emotional all the way through “Koi wo Shiranai Kimi E”, the song after “Nyanta”.

    • At the start of the MC, Massu mentioned that there are times when Tegoshi goes to the shower with the bobby pins still in his hair, and Massu has had to pick all the bobby pins up after him. Koyama mentioned he’s entered the shower a few times to see the walls all splattered with body foam. T: Seriously? It’s that dirty? But I spray the shower head all round to clean up when I’m done. They continued the shower room conversation for a while, with Shige silent most of the time. K: Shige! Can you try to be interested in the shower room conversation? T: Shige talk! I need someone to stand on the side of the “only child”s! S: No I was just thinking it could have been me. K: You! I was wondering why I always had to be cleaning up the showers!!!!

    • On Tokyo Dome - Koyama said he had wanted to be a baseball player when he was younger, and his dream was to stand on the pitch of Tokyo Dome one day as a player, for the Giants. But who knew, he was now standing on the pitch as an idol. He then threw the ball to Massu’s court, saying Massu has always liked Tokyo Dome best, hadn’t he? M: It’s not about liking this place best or not, it’s just that coming to Tokyo Dome had always felt like a dream. There are also dreams that have come true, so… thank you.

    • During the MC, Massu asked Shige what the “mani mani” in the lyrics of “Ayame” meant, whether it meant “money”, or “mummy”. The 3 of them started egging Shige to sing Ayame again but he refused to, so they were like, fine, we will then. The 3 of them then proceeded towards the centre part of the extended stage, where Shige performed his solo, with Koyama saying he was initially alarmed when Shige suddenly collapsed before the start of his solo, Massu saying maybe his blood pressure got low. But they were just making fun of him because that’s how Shige started his solo. Tegoshi said the part when Shige sings “1,2,3,4” is really cool. Then all 3 of them collapsed ala Shige style, and the best part was the staff played along, dimming the lights to as it was for Ayame, and even started playing the music. The 3 of them actually managed to complete the entire song, each of them singing a part each - Massu sang the rap bit, Koyama climbed up the lifters in place of Shige, saying “This is so scary, this is so scary” all the time. In the meantime, we have Shige, watching helplessly alone from the main centre stage. At the end, even the juniors joined in, already changed into their costumes for the next segment. After the song ended, Shige yelled at them to not play along to such things, but grudgingly admitted that the 3 of them did really well considering that they’ve only been watching all this time. K,M,T: This shows how much we actually like “Ayame”!!

    • The 3 of them returned to the main stage and started to make Shige say something funny since he didn’t have airtime and they were tired from the performance. Shige started complaining why they always have to mess up the MC when it’s the one going to be recorded on DVD, last year the toilet saga, and this year “Ayame”. Massu started, “Can we redo Ayame again after we have some rehearsals? We’ll do it again, as the 3 of us, properly. Although the tour is ending, NEVERLAND will never end.” S: Stop saying things that make you sound cool. K: It’s not like we were told to do it. It just came to us. “Ayame” will keep on living. S: Stop saying things that make you sound cool! K,M,T: Why don’t you do “Ayame” again for 15th anniversary too? S: Huh??

    • To make it up to Shige, they decided to get fans to scream loudest for Shige. They made Shige go backstage for a while (S: I have a bad feeling about this), and Tegoshi tried to mouth instructions to not shout for Shige, but Massu told him to use the mic (likely because Shige would get suspicious otherwise) So they said to gradually increase the volume of the shouts, first for Koyama, then Tegoshi, then Massu, and Shige the loudest (all 3 of them mouthing/ using their hands to signal for fans NOT to shout), then gave the cue for Shige to come out again. K: Did you want to meet NEWS? (KYAAAA) Did you want to meet Kei-chan (KYAAAAA) Did you want to meet Tegoshi? (KYAAAAAA) Did you want to meet Massu? (KYAAAAAAA) Did you want to meet Shige? (silence). It was exceptionally hilarious because Shige had opened his arms wide to receive the shouts. S: I knew it! I knew something like this would happen! (the other 3 break into laughter) K: The fans are amazing! Tokyo Dome is really united as one today. Feels like the 2nd half will be awesome too.

    • When the MC was about to end, Shige started saying hang on, in the end I’m the only one who didn’t get any proper “YAY!” so Koyama was like, okay let’s do a proper shout for Shige. M: All right, why doesn’t everyone just scream like on a scale of 1, 1, 1, for each of us, then 10 for Shige. Koyama gave the cues again, and the fans really screamed with all their strength and super long for Shige. He looked clearly surprised, then happy. K: It feels like you guys weren’t serious about screaming for us at all. M: Now I’m jealous. Shige, Massu and Tegoshi left the stage first leaving Koyama alone for the last bit as usual, and Koyama said Shige apparently skipped down the stage.

    • When the concert was drawing to a close, Massu did the round of thanks, for each junior, the staff, and all the fans who came. Shige said to give a round of applause to fans who couldn’t come too. K: For all the fans who couldn’t come!

    • Tegoshi’s final greeting “Over the past few weeks, I hit rock bottom and it was all of your smiles that kept me motivated. Please continue to support me. Thank you!”

    • At the end of the concert, fans started the NEWS call in a bid for an encore, but the announcement for the end of the concert came on. That did not stop the fans. Nope. And when the announcement got repeated, the fans started shouting even louder, so as to overwhelm the announcement. After a while, the members appeared from the centre stage, Tegoshi with the parker’s hood over his head and towel over his face, clearly in tears. The fans went crazy. Shige put his arm around Tegoshi, and as the 4 of them walked towards the end of the extended stage, Koyama started crying too. So Shige put his other arm around him. When they reached the end of the extended stage, they signalled for the fans to keep quiet and did the “Arigatou gozaimashita!” without their mics, the first one for this tour. They did a very deep bow, one which Koyama held for a veeeery long time, while Tegoshi collapsed into tears. Koyama was clearly in tears all the time too. Then they started walking back to the main stage, KoyaTego still very emotional. Some fans started singing the chorus of “U R not alone”, and the entire Dome joined in, singing all the way till they reached the main stage again. Massu and Shige’s eyes looked a little teary, but they were mostly smiling. They each mouthed “Arigatou” many times, then left, with Shige leaving last and smiling reassuringly.

  • People who went for the June 11th concert:

    • NEWS na Futari Staff (Source)

    • Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN), Matsushima Sou (Sexy Zone), Nakajima Kento (Sexy Zone) as well as many Johnny’s Juniors - Sou, a long time fan of NEWS and Massu in particular was reportedly watching Massu through binoculars and danced along during “Pokoponpekorya”. (Source 1 2 3 4)

    • zopp, songwriter and producer who has written several songs for NEWS. (source)

    • Sho Ayanokoji, singer and songwriter from the group Kishidan, went to both Tokyo Dome Shows. (Source)

    • Koyama’s sister posted about going to the show today with her kids, saying that they had a lot of fun and danced a lot. (Source)

    • Uchidagawa Kouki, part of the comedian duo Amafuku - Tegoshi's friend, who appeared as one of the comedians on the episode of "Uchi no Gaya Ga Sumimasen" that Tegoshi & Shige guested in. (Source)

  • Usually there are flowers from various people/companies that NEWS has worked with in the venue. This is an incomplete list, but some people that sent flowers include (Source):

    • Mitsu Mangrove, a TV personality, to NEWS

    • Imoto Ayako, comedian on ItteQ, to Tegoshi

    • Karina, starred in Kirawareru Yuuki, to Shige

    • The Far Eastern TV Entertainment, to Tegoshi

    • Music Station, to NEWS

    • President of TBS, to NEWS

Congratulations to NEWS, the staff, and juniors for successfully completing the Neverland Tour 2017!

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  • ★ (26) ICONS ★

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