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NEWS news (week of 11 June) - part 1

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Due to length, the updates for this week will be separated into two posts.


  • It was announced that NEWS will appear in NTV’s The Music Day Negai ga Kanau Natsu (Summer, when dreams come true) hosted by Arashi’s Sakurai Sho to be broadcast live on July 1st. (Source)

    • The programme is taking in requests for the performing artistes now here. You can send in anything, such as the song you’d like them to sing, or something you’d like them to do. For fans who can’t read Japanese, the fields are in the following order: Nickname, Prefecture (just choose a random one), Age, Gender (Male, Female), Artist Name, Request.

    • As instructed at the top of the request form, please write your country name (city name) at the start of your request. E.g. France (Paris) Please sing “U R not alone”! When you’re done, press the white button on the left to Send, then Confirm.

    • It was announced that there will be a Johnny’s shuffle medley again this year and that in celebration of 24 Hour TV’s 40th anniversary, a total of 58 Johnny’s will participate and sing famous songs from groups that have acted as main personalities in the past. (Source)

  • It was also announced that NEWS will appear in TV Tokyo’s Music Festival 2017 airing live on June 28th. (Source)

  • On the June 15th episode of “Sakurai, Ariyoshi, The Yakai”, Massu was mentioned. Takky (the guest) was asked who in Johnny’s is the most fashionable, and he said NEWS’ Masuda. Arioka (who was also guesting) agreed, saying Massu is fashionable to the extent that he asked him to design HSJ’s costumes (Source)

  • On NTV’s news every. site, the other news every casters talked about Koyama and the Neverland tour in the Caster Nikki (Diary) video in the June 15th post-broadcast caster talk segment. “Special Kei-chan news!”

    First they read out a quote from Koyama: “NEWS’ concert tour has successfully come to an end. I really was living the life of a weekday caster, weekend idol. While being supported by our fans I think that we were able to make a wonderful concert. Many people from every. came to watch as well. I’m afraid to ask what you thought, but how was it?”

    They immediately reassured him that he had no reason to be worried and excitedly shared their thoughts on seeing the concert, giving it high praise and saying that it was a wonderful show and that they had a lot of fun. It was apparently Yamazaki caster’s first ever concert. Both Yamazaki caster & Jinnai-san danced along. Nakajima caster and Terada-san were apparently swinging their arms along all the time, and Nakajima caster had muscle aches afterwards. They also said that they were moved seeing NEWS and their fans. They spilled that Kihara-san cried because he was so touched. Oguri-san also asked if Koyama’s eyes met hers, once during the concert.

    They also mentioned that although Koyama had a fever and was losing his voice this week, he didn’t show it at all nor comment on it on air as he worked hard to continue delivering the news. (Source)


  • The designer for this year’s charity Tshirt is Tokolo Asao, the man behind the design for Tokyo 2020’s emblem (Source)

  • The design for the charity Tshirt was announced on June 15th on the morning news show, zip!. The shirt went on sale on June 16th and can be ordered (within Japan) from the 24hr TV goods website, the NTV store, and at participating Aeon group stores.


This year’s design features flowers, which universally make people happy. The geometrical design draws you into ‘Tokolo’s world’. The design is made up of simple triangles and squares, but from connecting these two elements together come flowers with pop and warmth. Furthermore, by changing the way you combine them they  transform into many different kinds of flowers. This represents this era of ‘individuality’ and ‘diversity’ along with the message that “Through combining our strengths, no matter how small those individual strengths may be, we can make any kind of flower bloom.” (Source)


To see full Jweb updates in English or Japanese you can subscribe for a small monthly fee.

  • Jweb - KEIICHIRO (14 June)K.jpg

    • Koyama thanked the fans and wrote about the tour ending as well as being busy that morning with promotions for Otasuke JAPAN with Nakamaru.

  • Jweb - Shigeaki no Cloud (15 June)SC.jpg

    • Shige wrote about the tour ending, and thanked both everyone who came or applied for tickets and the staff who helped create the tour saying that he has nothing but gratitude. He was really happy to hear from the staff there were a lot people who applied for tickets this time, and that everyone was surprised by the number. He apologized to all the people who couldn’t come this time, but said that they’ll do their best to make it so even more people can come next year.
      He said that though many things happened during this tour, he thinks that they’ve gotten stronger. He talked about how proud he is to be in NEWS.
      He mentioned that even though the other members were kind enough to not tease him when he cried after losing his voice, he ended up teasing Tegoshi and Koyama a little for crying at the last show.
      He also plugged activities he has coming up (Inochi no Uta 2017, TRIPPER, and Typewriters) and said that there’s still lots more that he wants us to look forward to.

  • Jweb - NEWS Ring (16 June)NR.jpg

    • It was Tegoshi’s turn to update this week. He wrote about the tour ending and mentioned the tour wrap-up party NEWS had with the concert staff and juniors. For his shiritori theme, he chose the word ‘bikkuri’ which means surprise. He talked how he was surprised at how depressed he’s felt this past month since he’s usually a very positive person, and apologized for the trouble he’s caused staff and for worrying his fans. He said he was glad to be on tour during this time, because being able to see those supporting him face to face gave him motivation.
      He expressed his gratitude to the fans, and thanked them again.

  • Jweb - Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (17 June)M.jpg

    • Masuda Takahisa no Tokyo

He first apologised for being late with this update. He then talked about how Tokyo Dome will always be a venue of his dreams and thanked the fans for bringing them there.

Because the venue is huge, they had to add more songs so they have time to move around, and he apologised to the fans who went to other venues, but said they recorded the last concert.

After the last concert ended, the staff, juniors and members all cried a lot. The concert is one that everyone went through a lot to make happen.

They will work harder to get to bigger venues so more people can see them. While there may be people who’ve never been to their concert yet, he’s sure they’ll be able to one day, as long as NEWS continues to exist.

He gave his thanks again, and ended off with a declaration of love.


  • It’s Massu’s birthday in about another 2 weeks and Shige’s in another 3. So here’s the address to Johnny’s Family Club again, for those who would like to send your well wishes (updated October 2016):

〒150-8550 東京都渋谷区渋谷3-29-24 MTBビル4F



MTB Building 4F 3-29-24 Shibuya

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 150-8550

Johnny's Family Club

A reminder to avoid sending anything more than cards/ letters as those might be seen as gifts and get discarded or returned by the agency.

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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