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NEWS news (week of 18 June) - part 1

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First post of updates for the week!


  • It was announced on the 18 June episode of “Gyouretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudanjo”, that the 4 additional special supporters for this year’s 24Hr TV will be Higashino Koji, Miyasako Hiroyuki, Goto Terumoto and Watabe Ken.

  • It was announced on June 23rd that KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya will play the main part in the 24 Hr TV drama this year. The drama will be about the famous and prolific lyricist Aku Yu, and his wife will be played by Matsushita Nao. It was also announced that previously unreleased lyrics will be used in an original song that will be performed in Nippon Budokan during the program. (Source)


  • It was announced on the 21 June episode of “PON!” that one of the songs NEWS will be singing on “The Music Day” will be “Nagisa no Oneesama”. Koyama also mentioned that after the final Tokyo Dome concert, Tegoshi immediately collapsed into tears. Koyama was initially laughing at him, “Look! Tegoshi’s crying!” But it ended up rubbing off on him and he started crying too. Then, ShigeMass decided, “Okay we’re going up on stage” and that’s how Tegoshi ended up being escorted out still in tears. (Source)

  • As mentioned in a previous NEWS news, ItteQ continues to make headlines for its high ratings. The episode broadcast on the 18th of this month got ratings of 22.2% marking the 7th straight week of high ratings as well as the 11th time surpassing the 20% mark this year. (Source)

  • It was announced on June 23rd that Koyama will co-host a special programme with Hashimoto Tooru, the ex mayor for the Osaka city, titled “Hashimoto Tooru to NEWS Koyama Jitsuroku! Sekai Ikari no Houtei”. It’ll be based on major trials that happened in the past, how lives were changed and the current state of these laws. (Source)

  • It was also announced on June 23rd that NEWS will be appearing on TBS’ music special, “Ongaku no Hi” (Source)

  • At the end of the June 25th episode of ItteQ a preview for an upcoming episode showed that Tegoshi will be appearing in the April edition of the Calendar Project segment. The segment was filmed in Thailand, where he was spotted filming earlier this week. (Source)


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  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (19 June)M.jpg

    • “Masuda Takahisa’s Father’s Day”

    • Massu wrote about how when he told his dad happy father’s day, his dad didn’t even know that it was father’s day.

  • NEWS Ring (21 June)NR.jpg

    • This week it was Massu’s turn to update.

    • He wrote about how he’s had time to relax a bit since the tour ended and has been cleaning and tidying up his home. He continued the RING by choosing “ringo” (apple) saying that he likes apples and he’s the type who likes having somebody peel things like oranges and apples for him. He ended off by saying he’ll do his best for both RING and Marumaru so people will enjoy reading them.


  • Sho Ayanokoji of the group Kishidan tweeted about the latest episode of Shonen Club Premium in which some members of Kanjani8 were guests. “I wonder if they’ll make a Tshirt out of the portrait of Yokoyama Yu that NEWS and Kanjani8 collaborated together to make...” (Source)

  • In Nikkei Entertainment’s 2017 Talent Power Ranking (Music), NEWS ranked in at #26, up from #52 last year. (Source)

  • Oricon has released the sales rankings for the first half of the year. EMMA ranked in 17th for single sales, NEVERLAND 12th for album sales and NEWS LIVE TOUR 2016 QUARTETTO 13th for DVD sales. (Source 1 2 3)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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