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NEWS news (Week of 9 July) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (9 July)

    • Shige started out by noting that this would be the last radio show for him while he’s still in his 20s.

    • The first message was from a listener who said that soon it would be July, when both Shige and Massu have their birthdays. Tegoshi has said in the past that he has no qualms about becoming thirty, and they wanted to know how Shige felt about the end of his 20s and entering his 30s. They ended their message saying that though they feel a little sad about it they think they’ll still love Shige when he’s in his thirties. S: They think!? They’re guessing. (laughing)

      Shige said he might end up having some qualms and like he wants to run away from it, but that he’s really looking forward to his 30s. First of all, because he’s in the best physical shape he’s ever been in, and feels like he’s still improving. Though the 20s might be thought of as the peak with things starting to go down hill in the 30s, he feels like he still has a lot he can continue to improve on in his 30s. His trainer will be turning 35 this year, and from talking to him he feels like if he works hard he’ll be able to see results.

      He also recalled how a close friend who’s over 10 years older told him when he was around 23 years old that he was looking forward to what Shige would be like in his 30s, and that he thought it would really suit him. Since then he’s been impatient for his 30th birthday to come.

      Shige said that he doesn’t believe in fortune telling, but mentioned how Getters Iida, the fortune teller who came on Shonen Club Premium for the New Year's SP, told him that his best year would be when he’s 44 years old. He commented on how that’s a long time wait, since it’s still fourteen years away, but that if that were to be true then he can still work hard and keep improving until then. He said it’s not that he believes in the fortune, but that he hopes it’ll be true. He ended by saying he doesn’t really have any qualms, he’s more so looking forward to it. While there will be things he can’t do anymore, for instance acting as a student, but there will be other roles that open up to him in his 30s.

    • Before moving on to his music recommendations, Shige read another message. It was from someone writing in about the background music used in the music segment of the show [This segment is called ‘ongaku-bu’ meaning music club. The segment titles are plays on school club names as a play on the title Sorashige Book, which is often shortened to ‘Shige-bu’ meaning Shige club. Shige is also often referred to as the ‘buchou’ or head of the club/manager ]. The message said that if they recall correctly, it was around the end of the Quartetto Tour that the BGM changed to be ‘Hoshi no Oujisama’, Shige’s solo from that tour, and so they wondered if it would be changing to ‘Ayame’ soon. They said they’re both sad to think of it no longer being ‘Hoshi no Oujisama’ and looking forward to the change to ‘Ayame’.

      Before reading the message Shige commented how the listener can already tell the answer from ‘Ayame’ playing in the background now. After reading the message he added that there are 4 segments in the show, ‘Nagisa no Onee sama’ playing in the opening, and this segment used to be ‘Hoshi no Ouji sama’, then the next segment is ‘Escort’, and ‘Dreamcatcher’ plays at the end. He said that ‘Dreamcatcher’ was made for and inspired by this radio show, so it’s position in Sorashige Book is pretty much fixed. Since most of his solos are minor and kind of quieter songs, he didn’t want to use one for the opening and due to the season he wanted to keep ‘Nagisa no Onee sama’ [meaning, since it’s a summer song]. So when he was considering which one to change it came down to either ‘Hoshi no Ouji sama’ during this segment or ‘Escort’ for the ‘Shige no bukatsu’ [Shige’s club activities] segment. He likes having ‘Escort’ for the ‘bukatsu’ segment which is why he decided to use ‘Ayame’ for this segment.

    • This time Shige recommended a song by Lorde from her new album called ‘Melodrama’. He mentioned that he had played her song ‘Royals’ on the show back in 2013. He played her song ‘Green Light’, saying the whole album was cool, interesting, fun, and beautiful.

    • Next, in the ‘Shige’s club activities’ segment, Shige had to read the messages quickly because he was running out of time. He said that he’s still getting plenty of messages about the tour and ‘Ayame’, so he wanted to read some.

      The first message was from a listener who recalled how in a previous show he had talked about how the performance of ‘Ayame’ with the flag was based on Eugène Delacroix’s painting. They then asked if the part where he’s sitting down is supposed to be Akutagawa Ryunosuke, a famous writer, since there are pictures of him making a similar pose.

      Shige answered that that wasn’t his intention, he didn’t ask for that in particular but that with air:man, their choreographer, anything is possible though he never said anything indicating that to Shige. He said that the pose did remind him of Akutagawa though and that it’s possible that the pose could have been based on him.

      Shige also talked about one of his favorite parts of the concert that not many people may have noticed was ‘ORIHIME’. When NEWS were up in the lifters facing the audience, the middle stage was set up as the milky way with Orihime and Hikoboshi. The choreography during the hook of the song, has moves from ‘Kaguya’ and ‘Sirius’ mixed in since both the story of Kaguya-hime and Sirius are star-related. Shige said that since the tour was over now he wanted to share, and that if that part makes it onto the DVD you should keep an eye out for it.

    • The last message was from a listener who wrote in asking about the props that the members had when they appeared for the first song of the concert, ‘Neverland’. They said that they could tell that the members really built up a theme for this concert, and wanted to know the reasoning behind the choice of props.

      Apparently Massu was the one who came up with the idea of them coming out in the opening with the props. He proposed the idea of him coming out with two swords and Tegoshi with a torch. They decided to go with that idea, though at first they didn’t want to force the idea of holding something on everybody and said that it’d be fine if only Tegoshi and Massu had props for the opening. Massu said that he wanted to have the swords, and he would probably have Tegoshi go out holding the torch, and Shige and Koyama could decide if there was a prop they wanted for that or not. So Shige thought about what he should do, and came up with the idea of carrying the flag. When he shared the idea with Massu, he said it was a great idea and they discussed the idea of having the same flag as the Neverland album jacket design and that it would work in line with the idea of Neverland being a country.

      Shige brought up how he has a flag for ‘Ayame’ too due to the Delacroix reference, and that he thought that it’d be good if it could allude to things later on. There were also flags during ‘Byakuya’ and the parade at the end even though it wasn’t NEWS holding them those times. He said he was glad that an idea he brought into the tour that became a ‘hook’ of the concert.

      Lastly, they asked Koyama what he would do, and he considered being the only one without a prop but decided on having some kind of shiny stick, going for a magical feeling. Since he was in charge of the water section of the concert, they made it shine blue.

    • At the end at Shige was reading out the ending greetings and contact information, when suddenly NEWS’ ‘Happy Birthday’ began to play and the staff surprised Shige by bring him out a cake. Shige made a wish that ‘he can be a good man in his 30s as well’ and blew out the candles. You can see pictures of the cake on the Sorashige Book Blog.

  • Kchan NEWS (11 July)

    • Massu was the guest again this week.

    • Koyama opened the broadcast by wishing Shige a happy birthday and then immediately announcing Massu as the guest. Massu protested that the way Koyama introduced him would make people think ‘Why are you the guest!’

    • As they were talking there was a rustling sound in the background and Koyama complained that their manager was being noisy. The manager was getting gyoza out and Massu complained that it would seem like it was him that was eating them but it was actually Koyama.

    • The first message was from a listener who said that they’re not good at picking out outfits so they wanted to know how Massu and Koyama pick out their outfits and if they had any advice. They also asked if they prioritize wearability or appearance during summer.

      Koyama said that when he’s shopping he looks to see if he already has the item or not. Massu said since he really likes clothes and owns a lot of them he tries to make sure he doesn’t own items that overlap even though usually you end up buying what you like and therefore end up with similar kinds of items.

      Koyama said that recently he’s been liking button-up collared shirts. M: Even though they don’t suit you. K: Eh- Really? (in a high pitched voice) M&K: (laughing)

      Koyama said when he goes shopping he ends up going to the shirt area, since he wears them a lot for every. and for meetings he attends for every.

      Both Koyama and Massu said that they prioritize wearability, with Massu adding that he doesn’t wear things like shorts with a t-shirt, and sandals. They agreed that the person who dresses that freely is Tegoshi. They said that lately he’s been wearing outfits that are all white with sandals. Koyama said that he dresses like he’s going to a dance lesson, and yet when he comes into dance practice for Shonen Club Premium he still changes his clothes beforehand. Massu expanded on that saying that Tegoshi said ‘If we’re going to be dancing a lot, I’m going to change clothes.’ and when he heard they were going to be dancing and said he was going to change, the other members were like ‘Huh?? What are you going to change into from that?’. Tegoshi comes in wearing clothes that are on the same level as the most casual clothes Koyama owns. And yet, for dance practice he changes into the same kind of clothes, then changes back to go home.

    • Koyama then encouraged Massu to have some gyoza, and Massu protested saying that he’d wait for the radio to finish first. Koyama insisted he have some while the next song plays, and introduced ‘weeeek’.

    • The next mail was from a listener who asked if they still have a whole cake for their birthdays and asked if they would eat a gyoza cake if it existed. They also wished Massu a happy birthday.

      Massu said even as a kid he never had someone bring out a whole cake for him like ‘Takahisa, Happy Birthday!’ His mother would always buy 5 or 6 individual slices of different cakes and ask him which one he wanted. Koyama said that his mother did that too.

      Massu said that he would definitely not eat a gyoza cake, since he doesn’t like novelty-type gyoza.

      K: Gyoza are really good, it’s been awhile since I last had them. M: They’re packed full of dreams.

    • The next message came from a listener asking if they had been born female instead of male, would they be the type to wear skirts and heels.

      K: How would you dress if you were a girl? M: Hm, I definitely… wouldn’t wear them I think. K: I’d wear dresses! (very definitively) M: You would. K: A dress and heels! M: Dress, heels, and you’d be the type to hold your bag behind you like this. K: I’d skip around.

      Massu said he’d be the type to say things like ‘I don’t have any skirts!’ and added that he’d be like Aiko-san, or Puffy, cute but boyish.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that she’s been working for 5 years now but that she doesn’t really like going to ‘nomikai’, which are when you go out drinking and eating with coworkers. She doesn’t end up eating much at them, and people tell dirty jokes so she really doesn’t enjoy them. This year there was a ‘nomikai’ on her birthday and it was really depressing. She wanted to know how NEWS spends time when they have ‘nomikai’.

      Massu said that they don’t usually go out drinking regularly with their bosses, sometimes they’ll get taken out by them but that’s about it. They sympathized that if your coworkers want to take you out for your birthday it’s difficult to decline. Massu said that there are a good number of people who don’t go to ‘nomikai’ nowadays though. Koyama said it’s fine if they only go to the important ones, and that it’s important to have the courage to decline invitations. If they’re getting stressed out by it, then that misses the point of them and Massu agreed.

    • The next message was from a listener who turned 20 this year, but has never worn a bikini before. So they want to start dieting and wear a bikini, and wanted to know what kind of bikinis Koyama and Massu like. Listener: I’m trying my best to diet while imagining running into NEWS at the beach. M: Won’t happen. K: It could! Let them dream! M: Nope, I won’t go.

      Koyama asked Massu what kind of bikinis he likes and he answered that in continuation to the previous question about skirts, he probably wouldn’t wear bikinis. He’d want the kind that has a skirt attached, like a pareo. Koyama said he likes white bikinis that have frills on the bust area. M: We’d be different types of girls. K: Yeah.

    • The last message was from a middle schooler who hates strawberries, and they wanted advice on how to come to like them since there are times when they have to eat them like at friends’ birthday parties.

      Koyama and Massu answered that they should have someone else eat the strawberries for them, it’s fine and cute to not like strawberries.

  • Tegomass no Radio (July 12)

    • They started by saying it’s the 299th episode of the program and the following week will be when they’ll be doing live calls.

    • The first listener requested for “Boku no Cinderella”. She’s in the 3rd grade of middle school and her friend who transferred to another school when they were in elementary school returned to the same school this year. And she thought of the lyrics “Ano ne, watashi hikkoshi suru no”(Hey, I’ll be moving)  in the song. She really likes Tegomass, is glad to have welcomed the 10th year with them and is looking forward to new songs. Massu remembered Tegoshi had transferred schools, and he said he has, twice, once between the first and second grade of elementary school and again between the first and second grade of high school. Sakura: Doesn’t transferring schools make you nervous? T: I made it through somehow with my characteristic optimism. Sakura: Is that something you should be saying by yourself? T: (laughs) But I wasn’t like this in elementary school. I was a lot quieter. Tegoshi then started saying he wasn’t like this even when NEWS first started, and Massu agreed. Sakura asked what happened and he said a lot happened and people change. (M: Tegoshi went over to the dark side along with Itte Q) But they said he never had the experience of returning to the same school after that. Massu commented that this is a great song, and TM said it’d be nice if they could release something after such a long while. It’d be NEWS’ 15th anniversary next year, so they’d like to do something both as NEWS and as Tegomass.

    • The following listener wrote in to say she has an issue, which is not being able to hold her tears back, even when she’s 26 this year, whether it’s happy or sad tears. Massu said there are people like that, and that it’s really more of how she’s crying? Like when she starts crying when talking a story that’s a little sad and people tell her it’s okay, and she smiles through her tears and goes, “Sorry I cried!”, it’s fine, but if she continues crying non-stop people might start feeling awkward? (T: I don’t cry on TV. M: Don’t lie! T: No it’s true!) Tegoshi said while 24hr TV is an exception, he’ll cry if he’s watching touching videos like those of animals and stuff at home, but if he’s appearing as a guest, he won’t cry even if the other celebrities were. Massu shared a story of when they were doing the magazine interviews, saying that there are 2 levels to the studio, and there’re things like a TV and sofa at level 2. So when they do shoots as 4 people, there’ll be free time in between. So once, Tegoshi was watching TV alone upstairs, and when the 3 of them headed up, they found him sitting pretty close to the TV and bawling. (studio bursts into laughter) Sakura: What happened? M: He was watching one of those animal videos that he said he wouldn’t cry to just now. T: Well, that was in private, as if I was alone at home. But it’s completely different when I’m before the camera. M: I was thinking, it’s such a lie to say that you don’t cry. You mean only when you’re in front of the camera. T: It’s embarrassing to cry in front of people. M: You've never cried in front of people, have you? T: (sheepish laughter) Nope. M: Not at all, right? T: Basically no, I’m sorry. Not even during “Full Swing” for the comeback concert at Chichibunomiya, when people got misled into thinking I was crying when I was just wiping my eyes, because of the water effects that got splashed onto me. M: Not recently too, right? T: AHHH at the Dome as well, the water splashing effects were amazing. So my hair got all messed up, and I had to wear the hood to cover things up. Sakura: I see… T: So there are times like these when people mistake me as crying. Sakura: Hmm...Really….. T: (laughs) Eh? M, Sakura: Hmm…….really….. M: The things he says in front of people… I think he needs to correct some of the things he’s said so far. Sakura: Please take responsibility for the things you say.

    • The next listener wrote in to say she has a colleague who’d do things like open her bag, and just take her phone charger out to use without asking, or eat her gum and mints. Recently, the colleague even opened her purse to break down bigger notes. (T: Huh? Why? Why? Playing tricks on her?) The listener snapped at that and told the colleague that she’d lend them the charger and give them the gum if they’d just asked, so stop taking things without asking. And they actually replied, why? It’s not like I took anything or intend to take anything from you, so it’s fine isn’t it. The listener really hopes this would stop so could they give her some advice? And also, what do they think of such actions of using other people’s things without asking? They say it’s definitely not okay to touch people’s wallets or mobile phones, while it’s still somewhat okay for things like gum. Massu says he’s okay if people take the gum from the outside pockets of his bag without asking, but not if they open it up and do things to it. Tegoshi says he’s done similar things, but as tricks to Koyama (Sakura: That’s horrible too! T: But it’s not like I’m doing things on purpose! M: You are purposely playing tricks aren’t you! T: But it’s for fun! M: It’s not about what intentions you had while messing up people’s things, isn’t it? Sakura: My impression of Koyama-san is just somebody who’s always played tricks on. M: He’s happy about it, and tells us to talk about the tricks somewhere. Sakura: Ah, then it’s fine. T: He’s a practical person. M: Like, “If you spoilt one of my belongings, then make sure you make the story of you spoiling my belongs an interesting one”)  They then returned to the listener’s story and said if that colleague doesn’t stop after warnings, there’s nothing much she can do, other than lock her bag up or something. T: Or set up traps. Like water will come splashing out or cream will come flying at their face. They said it’s really troublesome to have to be so careful with your belongings especially when you leave your things there with the trust that you’re in an environment where people won’t take your things. M: Like how I always live in the risk of Shige eating something beside a bag that’s very important to me. That’s why I started putting all my belongings like bags and clothes in the corner where there isn’t the risk of having Shige touch them with the same hands he ate karaage with. And then Tegoshi and Koyama started telling stories of how I get mad when people invade into my territory. But obviously, right! So please be careful of how people who don’t feel the same way about treating their belongings with care look at you. But they also said that it’s the differences among people that make life fun so to just see how compromises can be made.

    • For the quiz segment this week, the listener wrote in to say how even though she’s only in the 3rd grade for middle school, but have problems understanding the lingo of young people. So she wrote in to ask them the meaning to the slang words she saw on TV and couldn’t understand. “Yosatteru” → hair that’s messed up. Tegoshi said that even though he likes the presence of Joshi Kosei (high school girls), he hates how they use words that are hard to understand and will probably get irritated after a while if he were to hang out with them. M: I think that’s fine. T: No no this is not the instance to earn brownie points now. I ain’t gonna lie. M: I haven’t been using such terms but I might from now on. T: Why, you… weren’t you the one who got so upset about “NEVERLAND” being shortened to “Ne-ba-lan”? (Massu & Sakura burst out laughing).  You little… M: I just don’t like how things get shortened into meaningless abbreviations. Though we’re known as one - “Tegomass”. They then talked a little on how they’re called “TEgomass” overseas while in Japan they’re known as “Te-go-ma-su”.

    • The next quiz is about the signboards for bridges. Each bridge usually has signboards for its name at either side of the bridge. What’s the difference between signs written in hiragana and kanji? Apparently the side with the kanji signboard is the entrance and the exit is the side with hiragana signboard. There is then a follow up question asking how it is determined which side the entrance is. Apparently the side facing Nihonbashi is the exit.

    • The following quiz is on the car number plates in Japan. On the car number plates, there is usually one hiragana letter on it. Out of all the hiragana letters, there are 4 that are not used - Shi, which is linked to death; He, which has a bad image; N, which is hard to pronounce. The final one is O, but what is the reason? Tegoshi got this right, in that it looks very similar to other characters like “A”, “Su” and “Mu”.

    • They ended it off by advertising for the 300th episode again next week.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (July 14)

    • Songs played: “Happy Birthday”, “Chicken Boy”, “Aoi Bench”

    • Massu wished Shige happy birthday, saying that even though Shige looks 5-6 years older than him, he’s actually a year younger and has turned 30. (M: So now let’s ask him about his hopes as a 30 year old. How’s it? (silence) Ah, sorry, he isn’t here today. I’m sure there are people in front of the radio who are thinking, Eh? He isn’t there?) Massu talked about how the two of them only really started talking when they appeared in Kinpachi Sensei together, when he was in 3rd grade of middle school and Shige in 2nd grade. Rather than seeing Shige as somebody who has worked hard together with him as a Johnny’s junior, Shige feels more like a friend from middle school, as if they went to the same school together.

    • The first message asked if Massu prefers his curry separate from the rice or together. He thinks both ways are fine, in that they each have their pros and cons. But he basically will pour his curry over the rice.

    • The second message said her son, Shota, shares the same birthday as Shige and has turned 5. He is also a huge fan of them so could Massu please give him a message. Massu sang a weird version of “Happy Birthday” again for Shota. And as with last week, he felt like his spoof fell flat and regretted not having done a funnier version, and that maybe last week’s was better than this week’s. But it’s more important that the well wishes reach Shota, and he wished him happy birthday again.

    • The following message is from someone who started working this year, and is thinking of buying accessories with her first bonus. She asked Massu for recommendations, and what kind of accessories he likes on girls. He feels generally gold suits females and silver suits males better. For example, those really thin, gold accessories always look nice, and he thinks those accessories that don’t call too much attention on themselves, but actually have little details on them are good. He feels it’s always nice to have special memories attached to the things you buy for yourself, like in this case, something bought using her first bonus.

    • The next message is from someone in her first grade of high school who hopes to create lots of memories in her first summer holidays of high school. She asked if Massu has any objectives or plans for summer. He says that high school is the time to study lots, exercise lots, and build lots of relationships. He said his high school days were basically spent building relationships and eating school lunches. Though for high school it wasn’t school lunches, but bento. And studying...well, yeah. Since they probably have about a month of holidays, maybe travelling somewhere would be nice. As for his plans...his only target is to not perspire during summer. While perspiring during gym or dance practices are perfectly fine and he enjoys it, but for times like when like he’s moving from location to location, or waking up in perspiration are situations he’d like to get rid of. However, for high school students, perspiring is almost like part of the job of high school students. While there may still be many things she’s not used to, he’ll be rooting for her so please do her best.

    • The next message asked Massu if he has any particular preferences when choosing accessories, as he’s always wearing very stylish rings and accessories. She also mentioned that she’s been having her rings made at shops that hand-make them these days. He says there are some accessories he bought because they were cute or stylish and stuff, but those are not accessories he can use on a daily basis, because they’re too loud, heavy etc. The ones you can actually use for years and the ones he really like and suit him. So it’s important to try them on to find out if they suit you. Even if the design looks nice, if they don’t suit you they don’t, like how you may like some clothes but they just don’t look good on you. As he’s mentioned before, he thinks silver accessories are nice. But as she’s getting hers hand-made, they are probably made based on what she likes and that’s probably best.

    • Another listener asked if Massu is able to eat natto in front of other people, as she dislikes doing that, even though she loves natto. She also asked if there’s anything he doesn’t like eating before people. He says he understands how she feels as it’s like one of the top 5 things that are hard to eat properly, like noodles too. He says to not care too much about how others see her and to just eat what she likes, as she isn’t eating for the sake of other people. Like he doesn’t really get bothered by how people eat natto before him, and there isn’t anything he finds hard to eat before people.

    • The next message says there are apparently now some guys who likes sewing machine and fashion, and are referred to the “Mishin Danshi” (Sewing machine Guys). Massu says he’s never heard of that term. There was a period when he’s wanted a sewing machine so he could do embroidery by himself, but those are surprisingly big and expensive, and a stylist he knows owns one, so he could always go to the stylist and get whatever he wanted done. He does hope to get his own sewing machine someday, so there can be conversations between the juniors and himself, like, “Massu, that’s cute” “Yeah I did it myself” “Eh!?” He thinks it’s great to be able to do things by yourself, no matter what it is, like remaking tshirts, shoes and all.

    • For Brain Master this week, the question was what function the hole in the lozenges for sore throats are for. Massu had a few misses, but finally got it right. In that the hole is to prevent people from swallowing and getting choked accidentally as the lozenges get sucked on and become smaller in size.

    • At the ending, Massu says it’s been getting hotter, and that everyone should remember to stay hydrated and not be exposed to the sun all the time so that they don’t get dehydration.

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