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NEWS news (Week of 16 July) - Part 1

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  • There was an interview done by “The Television” with Nanbara Kiyotaka, the main host for Netapare. There was a short mention of Massu, when Nabara-san was asked on his thoughts on how his two “staff”, Jinnai and Massu are doing. He said that Massu is still feeling his way around to see how he can leave his marks in the programme, but Nanbara-san feels that being lost a good thing, as this is what makes Massu charming. (Source)

  • The recording for ‘Inochi no Uta’ was on July 20th. According to Shige, NEWS didn’t perform at the venue 'because there’s someone that has to go to NTV every day,' but at a separate time NEWS recorded a song and Shige performed his solo song to be aired during the broadcast. (Source 1 2 3)

  • The lead up promotions in the countdown to 24hr TV will kick off next Sunday afternoon, July 30 with the first advance SP scheduled to air.

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  • Uchi ni Oideyo (17 July)

    • Massu was mentioned briefly in Uchi’s jweb, when he talked about appearing at Kinki Kids’ 20th anniversary concert on 16 July, saying that Koichi was laughing at his nervousness, as was Masuda, who was beside Koichi.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (17 July)


    • Masuda Takahisa’s Sempai

    • He talked about going to Kinki Kids’ show and congratulated them, the staff, and fans. He said that before he went nothing was decided so he listened all the way through their albums so that he could sing or dance anything. He also talked a lot about how much he respects and looks up to the Kinki Kids, and how Koichi patting his head when he was back dancing for them on Music Station revealed to all his classmates that he was a junior in Johnny’s.

      He said he also got a message from Tsuyoshi and is looking forward to when they can meet.

  • NEWS RING (19 July)


    • It was Massu’s turn to update this week. He talked about how his days have been enjoyable as they’ve been filled with shoots for “Sore Dame!” and laughter from “Netapare”. He then settled on “meat sauce” as the theme for this week, and how he likes meat sauce best, out of all the different pasta options.

  • Kanju Nisshi (22 July)

    • Koja Nairu, a kansai junior, wrote on jweb about NEWS’ songs. Under the category of ‘love songs I want to listen to in summer’ he picked NEWS’ song ‘Beach Angel’, saying that he’s liked the song for a long time and that it’s an upbeat song about seeing the person you like at the beach.

      Next, under the category of ‘songs that he relates to’ he picked ‘U R not alone’, stating that out of all the songs he recommended in this jweb it’s the one he wants his readers to listen to the most. He said that he learned of the song from the performance on Ongaku no Hi and that he felt a connection to the lyrics. He then, wanting to know more about the song, looked up the lyrics and cried while reading them. He talked about how since he was young he was laughed at for his dream of entering Johnny’s and almost loss sight of his dream. But, he didn’t give up and went after his dream, and now he stands on stage with the feeling of not wanting to give up.

      He said that ‘U R not alone’ is a song that reminds him of his past self, and gives him the strength to work harder.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (23 July)


    • Masuda Takahisa’ Clothes

    • This was a short entry where he mentioned he went to a clothes exhibit and Tegoshi has been trying to stop “Taka” from talking about clothes recently. But it’s not like he talks about clothes all the time, right?

  • Koyama’s older sister updated her blog on July 17th, talking about going to karaoke with her kids and her and Koyama’s mother. She said that their mom complained that she would rather just go out to eat rather than sing karaoke, but then suddenly she was holding the mic and singing ‘Full Swing’ followed by ‘Chankapaana’. (Source)

  • Massu was mentioned in a tweet by the official TV Asahi mascot’s (Go-chan) account, in his reply to a fan tweet that Go-chan was definitely watching Ongaku no Hi. He replied pretending he knew nothing about it and that he definitely had no idea how cool Massu looked when he sang the opening lines to “U R not alone”  (Source) NOTE: Ongaku no Hi was broadcast on another channel, TBS, and not TV Asahi.

  • NEWS was mentioned by an ex-Fuji TV announcer, Fukunaga Kazushige, on his twitter account, saying that he learnt about their song, “U R not alone” from a TV programme and the lyrics struck a chord in him. He also said that he was at the same event as Tegoshi once and was impressed by how considerate he was towards the people around him, and said he will be buying their album. (Source 1 2)

  • One of the camera persons working on “Sore Dame!” tweeted on how he managed to talk to Massu about the camera man who tripped and fell during TV Tokyo’s Music Festival a couple of weeks back as he was filming NEWS. As that happened to be his junior, he was glad that he managed to speak to Massu about what happened, especially when NEWS were all concerned. It ended up in a light hearted mood and Massu said to send his regards. (Source)

  • The NEWS Na Futari staff twitter tweeted a hand-drawn midsummer greeting card, a common kind of greeting card in Japan. They asked everyone to be careful in the heat and to have a great summer. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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