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NEWS news (week of 23 July) - Part 1

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  • According to the FC email, Koyama will be having recordings for “Chikarauta” on 3rd, 17th, 31st August

  • Massu was mentioned on the 24 July episode of Bibitto, when Takahashi from Mr. KING (a junior group) listed him as the sempai he looks up to. (Source)

  • Tegoshi was mentioned on the 26 July episode of Bibitto, when Kokubun Taichi mentioned him as one of the people who can get his daughter to put all her attention on the TV. He also told her that it is not okay to fall for Tegoshi (Source)

  • It was announced on 27 July that Tegoshi will be starring in one of the stories for this year’s summer edition of “Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi”. He will be acting as a cleaner for an old mansion, and falls into unimaginable fear since he saw a female dressed in red. Filming is expected to start early August in an actual old mansion. He commented that he’s really bad with ghosts so he’ll probably be freaked out for real. He also added that he wanted to try something he hasn’t done before, and is very excited. This is his first acting job in 3.5 years and his first drama project with Fuji TV in 9 years. (Source 1 2)

  • It was announced on 28 July that Koyama will be hosting a TV special for TV Tokyo, “Igai to Aru kamo Gacchiri Isan Souzoku ~Momenai Tame no Maruhi Plan~ Kyoudai Oyako de Kotsuniku no Arasoi”. The programme will air 11:03am on 5 Aug, and his co-host will be Chihara Junior, which will be discussing the best methods for leaving inheritance behind. (Source)

  • A video message from NEWS to A.B.C-Z and Sexy Zone appeared in the July 28th Summer Special broadcast of The Shonen Club. They commented on how although A.B.C-Z is celebrating their 5th anniversary this year many of the members are their sempai. Massu talked about how he has gone out for drinks with all of the members except Kawai, and they all said they had a strong connection to them since they spent time together as juniors. Tegoshi talked about how when he auditioned for Johnny’s A.B.C-Z, at the time A.B.C., was there to help teach them choreography. Massu claimed that he was also probably there but Tegoshi said he wasn’t, and joked that if he was maybe he just didn’t stand out.

    When asked about Sexy Zone, Tegoshi said that they are all really good looking and  he checks out their photoshoots in magazines. Shige asked ‘What about NEWS?' Tegoshi quickly responded that NEWS are all good looking too.

    When asked about what they think is amazing about the groups, NEWS said Tsukada and Kawai’s impressions of Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) and Massu, and asked them to do them. After doing the impressions, Kawai said that it appeared that Massu hadn’t liked his impression of him where he copied the way Massu puts his hand up when singing ‘Miso Soup’ and that he had stopped doing it after Kawai did his impersonation of him. (Source 1 2 3)

  • Chikarauta and NEWS Na Futari will both be taking brief hiatuses. Chikarauta will be back on air on August 13th and NEWS Na Futari will be back on August 18th.

  • It was announced on the 30 July episode of “Gyoretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudanjo”, that this year’s marathon runner will only be announced on the actual day itself. Only 2 hints were given - 1) The person will be one of those present at the venue; 2) The person has a reason to run. The personalities were also told to start training on their own so that they can be ready to run if they have to.

  • The advance specials have also started on 30 July, so please check the calendar to keep updated about the TV schedule!

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  • NEWS RING (26 July)


    • It was Shige’s turn to update this week.

    • Shige apologized that most of his entry would be promotions. He mentioned that he would be appearing in The Green Mile and the 24 hr TV drama. He wrote that filming for the drama has already started and he’s working with a lot of the same staff as last year, and that he’s happy to get to work with Kame. He also talked about ‘Burn’ going on sale the day before the entry was posted, and filming ‘Inochi no Uta 2017’ to be aired next month.

  • KoyaShige were mentioned in the July 28 blog entry of Harada Yohei, a marketing analyst who also writes, and appears regularly on TV programmes like ZIP! He talked about how he had finished a recording for “NEWS na Futari”, how he likes the programme very much, and how the pair are interesting in that they’re opposites. Koyama - the caster type, who properly looks at the overall situation. He puts others before himself and will cut the discussions off calmly if necessary so as to move the programme on. Shige is the writer type, who would think about situations in depth, and will definitely react when he has questions, expressing himself through his own words. He feels “depth” and “the ability to express himself” are Shige’s strengths. NEWS, which has 2 of them inside, is bound to be a great group. He finished by saying how idols these days are not just about looks, but also about being talented in multiple ways. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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