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NEWS news (week of 30 July) - Part 1

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  • It was announced that NEWS will perform ‘U R not alone’ via VTR and Shige will perform his solo, ‘Ayame’, on ‘Inochi no Uta 2017’.

    The recording of ‘U R not alone’ took place in a studio in Shibuya and NEWS sang with over 100 music students. NHK Chief Producer, Koike Akihisa, commented,

    "The students were nervous, but NEWS skillfully got them excited and delivered a positive and strong message via song. The unity of NEWS and the students was amazing, so much so that the staff just naturally gave them a big round of applause. It was a really happy and worth-watching scene. Kato Shigeaki also performed his solo, Ayame. Please look forward to it."

    Shige also went on location shoots for the show, visiting victims of the Hiroshima atomic bomb and interviewing them about their horrific experiences. (Source)

  • Shige will be appearing on Fuji TV’s “Jikan Asshuku Speed Celeb Tamani wa Shumatsu Raku Sasete” on August 12th. Shige, the ‘speed prince’, will be attempting  to do various time saving tricks that anyone can do, such as: (Source)

    • How to shine your blackened silver in seconds

    • How to restore a stained carpet in seconds

  • The line up for Fuji TV’s 27Hr TV was announced on Aug 6th, and Massu will be appearing on the special edition of Netapare, “Netapare~Rekishi Neta SP”. 27Hr TV will be on-air Sep 9th 18:30 - Sep 10th 21:24  (Source)


  • Koyama will be appearing alongside Hatori Shinichi on Shabekuri 007 on August 21st to promote 24hr TV.

  • Shige’s drama from last year’s 24hr TV, ‘Moumoku no Yoshinori Sensei’, will be rerun on August 12th at 3pm (JST). (Source)

  • Shige mentioned that he finished shooting for the 24hr TV drama in his jweb this week.

  • In the special advance programme on Aug 6th, it was announced that

    • Hanyu Yuzuru will be collaborating with Go Hiromi for a special ice show

    • Kame will be singing a special Aku Yu medley alongside Mori Masako, Iwasaki Hiromi, and Miyasako Hiroyuki

    • The following people have started training for the marathon - Buruzon Chiemi, Miyazon, Higashino Koji and Watabe Ken


To see full Jweb updates in Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean you can subscribe for a small monthly fee.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (August 1)M.jpg

    • Masuda Takahisa no Mata

    • In the entry, Massu talked about the NEVERLAND costumes feature in Sou-en and how people who experienced NEWS’ “NEVERLAND” would definitely like it. He also said it’s really good and to please spread the word.

  • MADE no Omakase (August 1)

    • Akiyama Taiga mentioned Tegoshi when talking about summer activities, saying that he wants to have a BBQ with Yuya and the other jrs.

  • NEWS Ring (August 2)NR.jpg

    • It was Koyama’s turn to update this week.

    • He promoted the TV show that will be he will be appearing on this Saturday on inheritance issues. He hadn’t realised it before, but having a will is really important and he learnt a lot from being MC for this programme.

  • Shigeaki no Cloud (August 5)SC.jpg

    • Shige updated sharing a picture he took at FUJIROCK17, a music festival that was held on July 28th ~ 30th. He wrote the entry all in hashtags, saying that he went on both Saturday and Sunday. He mentioned approaching deadlines and said he ran into editorial staff at the event. He also mentioned the performances of ‘U R not alone’ and ‘Ayame’ for ‘Inochi no Uta 2017’ and that they finished filming for this year’s 24hr TV drama. He said thank you for being able to appear 2 years in a row, and also thanked Kame.

  • A review of 'Burn' written by book reviewer, Ohya Hiroko, was posted on the Kadobun website. Here's a summary of the article (contains some spoilers about the plot):

    Burn is the third novel in the "Shibuya Saga" following "Pink and Grey" and "Senkou Scramble" which was written around the themes of Shibuya and the entertainment industry. "Burn" follows Natsukawa Reiji, a former child actor who has since retired from acting and is receiving an award for his work behind the scenes. However, on the way home from the ceremony he and his pregnant wife are injured in a car accident. While waiting for his wife to regain consciousness in the hospital Reiji meets someone from his past, a drag queen named Rose, which triggers Reiji to begin recalling memories from his childhood that he had repressed.

    While "Pink and Grey" focused on friendship, and "Senkou Scramble" on romantic love, "Burn" focuses on family.

    The article praised two particular parts of the storytelling in the novel. One, the portrayal of Reiji as an emotionless 'machine-like' child who loses the ability to act after gaining emotions. Two, the decision to not make Reiji come from a dysfunctional family. While he is raised by a single mother, she loves her son, he lacks the ability to understand it until he himself is changed after gaining a chosen family of sorts. 

    A feature of all three novels is a switching between point-of-views and times. "Pink and Grey" goes back and forth between the past and present, "Senkou Scramble" between the protagonist and heroine, and "Burn" between the present and 20 years prior.

    In 'Burn' this setup generates interest in what the lost memories are. It is also not simply just between the past and the present but also between Reiji properly 'becoming a child' (by gaining emotions) and becoming a parent.

    The author of the article praised the novel saying that 'Burn' is unmistakably a culmination of the themes and techniques cultivated in the first two novels in the "Shibuya Saga". They expressed happiness as a reader that despite being busy as a top idol, since his authorial debut in 2012 Shige has been publishing work regularly.

    They said that it's exciting seeing Shige's finished works pile up and the length increase with each work. They said that they are looking forward to see what he releases next, and that Shige already has the ability to create anticipation in his readers. (Source)

  • An article posted on Yahoo! Japan News on August 2nd discussed Koyama’s abilities as a newscaster. It began by detailing Koyama’s path to becoming a caster on every. starting with the unexpected reason for his being chosen, his dedication to learning sign language after learning it to communicate with students from a deaf school for the 2009 24Hr TV when NEWS were the main personalities.

    The article also mentioned how many viewers and even the president of Nitere mistook Koyama as a newscaster rather than an idol. Koyama is quoted as saying,

    “In the beginning, I felt like I was being viewed through the lens of ‘He’s a Johnny who’s being allowed to also work as a caster’, and I had a complex about it. But now, everyone says I’m a ‘Nitere member’ (laughing). I think that I was able to make this change because everyday I was able to battle myself without going easy on myself while being watched over by the staff and fellow casters. At first, there were many frustrating times and times where after I flubbed a line while reading the script, I couldn’t get over it for about 2 days. Now, even more than reading the script I think that whether I can convey [the message] is important.

    I think that putting your dreams into words is important, so I said that when I turn 35 or 40 I want to try [appearing in] a regular program that airs multiple days a week. And then, it came true when I was 30 years old. The feelings of pressure and responsibility have increased, but so has my attachment to what I can think of as ‘my program,’ I feel it to the level that without every. there is no Koyama Keiichiro.

    Now, what I consider most important is how to get a neutral take on things when I talk about them, but when I turn 40, an age when you have more credibility, I want to be able to be a newscaster that can say subjective ideas too and raise issues.” (Source)

  • Massu was mentioned in 2 articles on t-site, a web magazine under the Tsutaya chain. The first talks about how “Sou-en”, a fashion magazine with a feature on him talking about NEVERLAND’s costumes, has been selling out at various book stores. The feature has all the costumes designed by Massu, as well as his explanations on the costumes, how he got his ideas etc. The second article on the same website reports on a recent survey by Papimami magazine, asking “Which Johnny’s do you think can sing well?” Massu ranked in 3rd, after Domoto Tsuyoshi and Ohno Satoshi. (Source 1 2)

  • Tegoshi was mentioned in the MC of Spitz’s concert on August 5th by member Kusano Masamune. When he was talking about a time when he had dressed-up as a woman for a photoshoot and how bad he looked, Tegoshi’s name came up as someone that looks good crossdressing. (Source)

  • The JE website was updated this week, you can see the changes by clicking on the link on NEWS’ profile page on Johnny’s net, or by clicking here.

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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