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NEWS news (week of 6 August) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (August 7th)

    • The first message was from a listener who wrote in about the 24hr TV drama. They congratulated Shige on being cast in it 2 years in a row and said that when they heard that Shige would be acting with Kame they were really excited and happy. They also said that the video of Shige playing the piano that aired on morning news  was really cool. They asked him how he felt when he found out and said that while they knew he can play the guitar they were curious whether he has any experience with the piano.

      Shige said that being able to appear in a 24hr TV drama is the kind of chance that comes maybe once in a lifetime, so he feels really happy to have been blessed with this kind of opportunity. He said that while there’s pressure, he pulled through til the end and that it’s been a big event in his life. He mentioned that he felt like maybe he was intruding a bit on Koyama’s work, and that when he say ‘drama’ on his schedule he was really confused since he knew Kame was playing the lead. At first more than happy, he was just surprised. He said he didn’t know who Tokura Shunichi, the person he was to play, was at first so he did a lot of research about him. He apparently started filming right away after it was decided that he would be in the drama. He said it was fun and that being able to work with a professional and a superstar like Kame had quite an effect on him.

      Shige said that he took piano lessons as a kid, but that he couldn’t play it now and there wasn’t time to prepare so he wasn’t sure what to do when saw that it said he had to play piano in the script. He didn’t have to play a lot, so he was able to come in early and learn some from a professional and it was fun.

      While most of the staff for the drama was different from last year, there were some of the same people and they greeted one another like “It’s been a while! How’ve you been?” so it felt a little bit like a school reunion.

      He ended his response by saying that he things the drama will be enjoyable even for those who don’t know about Tokura and Aku, and he wants people to watch it.

    • For music club corner this week, Shige said he got many messages about a certain artist and he decided to read three of them. They wrote about how recently Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington committed suicide, and that they were shocked. They like his voice and Linkin Park was supposed to come tour in Japan. They wrote about how when Prince passed away too, they wrote in and Shige had played his music. They asked if Shige would play one of Chester’s songs, even though it might not be to Shige’s taste in music.

      The next message wrote about how they were really sad about his death, talking about how the group had sent their support to Japan after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami natural disaster. They asked Shige to play his favorite Linkin Park song if he has one.

      Before the last message Shige explained about how Linkin Park recently came out with a new album, ‘One More Light’, and they released a music video for one of the album songs ’Talking to Myself'.

      In the last message, a listener wrote about how they grew up listening to rock and groups like Bon Jovi, Coldplay, and Green day, and that they couldn’t believe the news. They said that they couldn’t stop shaking listening to ‘Talking to Myself’, the new song that was uploaded to Youtube on the day that Chester Bennington passed away.

      Shige referred back to the comment that Linkin Park ‘might not be to Shige’s taste in music’ with a passionate, "It is!!". He said that it was his generation of music, and that he listened to their second album 'Meteora’ when he was in high school, and that he was influenced by them a lot. Listening to it again after a long time he rediscovered how amazing an album it is. He talked about how full of emotions Chester Bennington’s voice was and though at the time he didn’t understand the English lyrics, when he felt down listening to the way he would scream in the songs save him a little. He said that many can probably attest to the same, and that he knows a lot of fans of the group. He said that they’re a great group and he wonders what will happen with the group going forward.

      He also mentioned the death of Chris Cornell, lead vocalist for bands Audioslave and Soundgarden, who was a friend of Chester Bennington and the connections there.

      He played his favorite Linkin Park song, ’Numb’.

    • The next message was from a listener from Hiroshima who said that they didn’t think that Shige would have other work in Hiroshima besides tour dates. They were able to go to the recording, and asked if Shige had been nervous. They said it was amazing and they were happy to have been able to go.

      Shige said that he was nervous, but he also has confidence that he can do it. He said that rehearsal and the actual recording with the audience there felt completely different. He said that there are many points he feels he should reflect on. He said that part of him felt like he should just focus on the MCing part, but he also ended up singing for the program, though he won’t be sure how it turned out until it’s on air. He said he was pretty nervous to sing. He mentioned the shooting on location he did as well said the he hopes people will watch because it’s a really good program.

  • Kchan NEWS (August 8th)

    • Shige was the guest this week.

    • Koyama started by commenting on all the work Shige has been doing lately and how busy he must be- Drama, play, MC, and writing. Then they started talking about how Shige was going to go to the music festival, FUJIROCK17, that night after the radio recording. Koyama complained about Shige constantly talking about the brand of chair he wants to buy for it when they filmed for NEWS na Futari earlier in the day and Shige began to talk about what things you need to bring to a music festival. Shige said he asked a lot of people who have been before to know what to bring, since there is a Kadokawa staff member who goes to FUJIROCK every year. The staff member gave him lots of advice, like not to come with a backpack and what shoes to wear. Shige asked Koyama what shoes he would wear and when he answered sneakers, Shige said it was the wrong choice but that sneakers would be fine for the Summer Sonic music festival since it’s in the mountains.

      S: Sandals, too. When I went to Summer Sonic in sandals they disappeared. Someone took off with them. K: Seriously? Even though you were wearing them? S: Even though I was wearing them. Suddenly I realized I was barefoot. I just suddenly realized I was barefoot!!

      Shige said that most people go in hiking shoes or boots since sometimes it rains too. He also talked about how you should bring a foldable chair since you end up walking tens of kilometers during the festival and you’ll want to be able to sit down. So he asked his manager to stop by a certain store in the way home and just as he was about to buy a certain brand of chair he messaged the Kadokawa staff member and they told him they wouldn’t recommend the kind he had picked out and was about to buy because even though it’s light it takes time to fold up and Shige didn’t want to ask a store staff to show him how. But Shige did more research and eventually got a chair that he brought to the filming for NEWS na Futari and was able to fold it up quickly because he practiced it.

      Then they talked about how Shige was going to the festival that night around 11 and spending the night there.

      K: And you’ll go to the artists you want to see? S: Well not… It’s about discovering new artists- K: Oh man, this conversation just got really annoying. S: It’s not about deciding where to go. Of course there are artists there I like, but you know, the like ah those people seem interesting kind of discovery is what a festival is all about. K: So annoying. S: And it’s also about that atmosphere? K: I hope your chair breaks. I hope it breaks. S: And of course you can enjoy a delicious beer with those around you. K: I hope your chair disappears. S: And there might be new discoveries in that, too. K: I hope your boots get taken. S: It’s the feeling, the groove, the feeling of the night- K: NEWS - Fiesta♪ [music starts to play] S: Right now it’s a fiesta within me, too.

    • The first message was from a listener who congratulated Shige on his birthday in July and asked him if he knew his birthday flower.

      Shige knew that his was hibiscus, but didn’t know what it meant in ‘the language of flowers’ which is apparently ‘delicate beauty’. That surprised Shige since he said it was a pretty flashy looking flower, and Koyama said that it’s a perfect flower for Shige.

      Koyama’s birthday flower was lily of the valley, they didn’t know the meaning in flower language but they said it was cute and Koyama commented on how there seems to be many kinds of perfumes that use it. They asked Gai-san to tell them what it means, and apparently it’s ‘pure’ which made Shige crack up but he said it’s fitting for Koyama since he believes things right away, is calm, and a peace-keeper.

    • The next message was about the passionate jweb Shige wrote about nuresenbei.

      They talked about how Johnny likes nuresenbei too. Koyama said he only knew about them because Johnny used to buy them but Shige said he discovered them on his own. Shige mentioned how it used to be popular amongst the juniors and Koyama said he had liked them too. They talked about how since Shige had talked about liking them, NHK has been providing nuresenbei for them on the set of The Shonen Club Premium. Shige said he was glad that Koyama likes nuresenbei too and they talked about the naming of nuresenbei.

    • Last was the ‘Solving your problems! Summertime’ corner.

      The message was from a listener who wanted advice from Shige. They have a part-time job at a casual restaurant inside a supermarket. There’s a bench there that they can use when they have breaks, but recently a high school couple, thinking that no one could see them there, started making out on it. However, those working and the customers eating could see them, what should they do in this situation?

      Shige commented that it’s difficult, and Koyama said he would stare at them intently. Shige commented that if they’re in the way then you might just have to give them a warning, though personally he didn’t see anything wrong with it. Koyama commented that it was the location, if had been just a kiss rather than making out it’d be one thing. Then Shige suggest rolling something like a ball at them, and Koyama said that if they’re really passionately making out then maybe they wouldn’t notice. Then they joked about laying out nuresenbei all over before concluding that it couldn’t be helped the listener should give them a warning if they can’t bear it and if not then let them be.

  • Tegomass no Radio (August 9th)

    • They started by recapping again that they will be continuing the phone call special in celebration of the 300th episode. M: We’ll do our best so we can hit the 600 billionth episode someday. T: So we’ll probably be about 500 years old by then. I’m not sure though. Sakura: Well, you never know how much longer life expectancy will get in the future. T: Yup, the improvements in science has been amazing. They then said that this week’s call will be the last one, but they hope to do it again, as it’s been fun. Tegoshi suddenly pretended to cry, and Sakura and Massu said his face looked really ugly. (T: No tears seem to be coming out though)

    • The first listener mail was a request, whose mail started out with, “Tegoshi-kun, Masshi, Miyamiya…” M: Masshi?? My name’s changed. The listener requested for “Fighting Man”, saying that she tends to run away from her troubles, and that she’s been getting so drained out both mentally and physically these days that she doesn’t know what to do anymore. But she realised her problem was that she’s just been avoiding facing up to herself, and has started dieting and putting makeup properly. When she’s feeling upset, she’ll listen to the lyrics of the song “ima no mama de ii no ka” (is it okay to stay the same?) and gain strength from that. As it is a very important song to her, she hopes they will play it. They talked about how it’s great that she’s doing something for herself, and how doing this will help her gain confidence.

    • The following segment was when they called out to the listener, whose name is Kana - same as Nishino Kana, who sang Torisetsu. T: Hmm? Torisetsu? Torisetsu? Sakura: Nope, it’s not that Kana-chan. (Massu then proceeded to sing a part of the spoof he did on Charapare) M: MOSHIMO~ Tegoshi! Sakura: Keep quiet!

      Turns out the listener is the same age as Massu, and she was then out camping with her family. She has a 6 year-old son who likes soccer. So she thought she’d let him join the local soccer club, but her son said that he didn’t want to play soccer with kids better at it than him. So she’d like advice on how to talk to him about it, seeing that he still wants to play soccer. Massu said that he feels like that sometimes too.

      M: For example, if it’s not just enjoying the sport by playing with your friends, but having to play with the objective of getting better, you wouldn’t like it, would you, Tegoshi? (T: Ooooh…) Like, one of you becomes a regular, but you still suck at it. You wouldn’t like it, would you? T: I’d practise! He talked about how he’d rather play with the 3rd years when he was in first year, so he could play with people better than him. M: He’s a hard worker! Tegoshi is a wrong example as he’s a hard worker! Even though he always tries to hide it, but he works really hard! T: Well, about that… I don’t want that to be known by everybody.

      They joked about cutting that part and  then continued to say that they understand how he feels, as males tend to have a lot of pride and want to stand out. Maybe she could point out to him that running away from that is a show of how weak his pride is. And that’s not cool. Just giving up even before actually trying is a waste, and he should at least try playing soccer for 2-3 years to see how it goes, before deciding whether or not it’s not for him and to try another sport. T: Starting soccer when you’re young gives you a really strong physique when you grow up, like it is for me. Sakura suggested her passing the phone to her son, so they can talk to him directly a bit too? The son then came on the phone (sounding really cute). He apparently knows about Tegomass as he’s been to NEWS’ concert. Sakura: Whose fan are you? Boy: Shige and Tegoshi-kun. T: Shige and Tegoshi-kun. So Shige is “Shige”. M: SO CUTE. T: No matter where he goes, Shige is “Shige”. M: Cute. So there’s Shige, Tegoshi-kun, and..do you know who the other 2 members in NEWS are? Boy: Massu and Kei-chan. (studio swoons over the boy) They asked if he likes soccer, and he does. M: I used to play soccer too, the entire time when I was in elementary school. But there isn’t much I have to say about soccer so I’ll pass it over to Tegoshi.

      Tegoshi started telling him how playing soccer will give him a stronger physique when he grows up, and also help him become popular with girls. Even though he might not be as good as people who started playing even earlier, he’ll definitely get better doing what he likes, and he can become a regular player then, and be a cool person. He should definitely continue with soccer, since he likes it, as it’s a great sport. M: Massu recommends swimming too! They asked if he wants the join the club, and he does so they told him too. Tegoshi said he’ll play with him, anytime. M: Then I will too. Hey, come to think of it, I was in a club too, and properly played soccer throughout elementary school. How come nobody remembers that I played soccer? T: Sorry, it’s not in our impression at all. M: Not part of the school activities, but the local club. T: Probably all 3 other members of NEWS will feel this sounds a bit like a lie. M: Even you!? T: Uh huh. M: I entered the prefectural championships! T: That’s amazing! M: Well, there was this guy who was really good. (studio laughs)

      They asked him if he wants to join the soccer club and he said that he did. The mother said it’s the first time he’s ever said so clearly that he wants to join the club, so she’ll take him there someday. They said it’s great that he’s got something he wants to do, and to do his best. At the end Massu asked him to say ‘Massu’ one more time and he did and they all cooed over how cute it was.

    • The next person they called was a listener named Maria. Her trouble was that every time before she goes to a concert she gets a complex about her age. She says she’s aware that they have fans across a wide age range, but that she ends up feeling like she’s out of place. Sakura asked her how old she was and she said 51.

      Tegoshi commented that that’s totally younger than his mother and Sakura reported to the listener that both Tegoshi and Massu looked confused as to why she would feel out of place. The listener said that she felt bad that she’s raising the age range of their fan-base, and Tegoshi immediately asked why and both he and Massu reassured her that that wasn’t the case at all. They speculated that there were probably other people who feel the same way too, including male fans.

      M: Actually we want you to raise the age-range of our fans. Listener: Oh? Really? T: It’s not like our target audience is just younger people. Also, younger- for example, with teenagers or high schoolers, liking Johnny’s can be kind of like a phase can’t it? So, we’re also really happy that those kind of people come too, but besides that, we’re also really really happy that many young children and fathers and mothers come to our concerts after seeing our other Johnny’s activities, from watching our variety shows or dramas. Listener: Really? Thank you so much. M: In the audience, there are men, and parents with children, people who could be our mothers, grandpas and grandmas- well maybe not so many grandpas come to our concert… T: Yeah, not too many. M: But, that’s the ideal. T: Yeah it is! M: We’re happy (that you come to our concerts).

      They talked about how there are probably lots of other people with the same worry too. M: Well, it’s kind of uncool to say this myself, but isn’t it that the feelings of liking [us] are winning out [against the feelings of not belonging]. It’s not cool for me to say it, but… T: Because age isn’t relevant when it comes to supporting someone. It’s about feelings. M: Even so, it could be that the fault of others for creating that feeling. T: We’re the ones standing on stage as the performers, but everyone who comes, and the staff too, we all create the concert together so even without just one person that concert won’t be the same. From our point of view, you are a very important fan.

      They said that they want her to keep coming to concerts and support them, and that there are plenty of people older than their parents that come too. They said that they want to create an environment that’s easier for everyone to feel like they can come.

      Tegoshi commented that he’s glad that she brought that to their attention because they might not realize that people have those kind of worries. Massu talked about how one time he went to a concert where most of the concert goers were women and he was seated in the arena. Everyone behind him was shorter than him, and when he was standing he felt out of place and like he would have prefered a seat where he could sit. Tegoshi said that he’s gone to his friend’s concerts, and the people seated around him make a fuss that he’s there. He argued that it was fine because a concert isn’t something that you just stand still and silently watch. Massu that when he goes to see concerts that’s exactly how he watches, because he doesn’t go just to enjoy it but to learn from it as someone who does concerts too. He’s lost the ability to go and just dance along, and Tegoshi joked that he goes and really gets into dancing. Tegoshi joked that for him the concert just somehow comes together and Massu started teasing Tegoshi again about actually being hard working though he tries not show it, saying that he listens to their setlist all the time in the car and practices hard.

    • Last was the segment where they call a law professional to come help answer questions. He congratulated them on 300 episodes before they started giving advice. The first mail was from a listener whose parents got divorced in August when she was 3rd grader in elementary school. Through family court it was decided that the listener would live with her mother, and her father would pay child support. However, her father only paid it for 2 months. They want to know if it’s possible to demand payment for all the child support he’s missed. The listener will turn 20 this year, so they wanted to know if you can get back child support once the child has become an adult.

      Tegoshi said that he had a feeling that there’s a time limit to child support like maybe ten years or until the child graduates high school something like that. The lawyer who came to help said that he was pretty much correct, he talked about how the process of family court, mediation, and judgment works. He said that generally what’s decided is until the child becomes of age, since up through middle school the child can’t work and must go to school. (Compulsory education in Japan is up through middle school.) Since the listener will turn 20 this year, they won’t get child support any longer. However, he said it’s like that they can get some of the back payments back, explaining various things about the legal system and things the listener would need to know or do advising her to do it quickly and consult a lawyer.

      At the end they all commented on how they hope he pays.

    • At the end tegomass talked over Sakura as she was reading the ending information as usual, and then thanked everyone who sent in postcards for the live phone calls.

  • Master Hits (August 11th)

    • Songs played: ‘Koi Matsuri’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Hadashi no Cinderella Boy’

    • Massu started off talking about the present he received from the staff last week, the knife and fork set. He said that he would announce the answer to quiz, which was why the staff chose that present for him later.

    • The first message asked him whether he prefered futomaki or oinarisan.

      Massu said that he often has oinarisan on New Year’s Eve, but that he prefers futomaki, and above both of those he likes hosomaki, or more specifically torotaku.

    • The next message asked if he wore his own personal clothes for magazine shoots that weren’t a part of a serialization or if a stylist picked it for them based on their image of him.

      Massu said that usually the editor will have an idea in mind for the kind of shoot they want, sometimes the details of what color clothes is included in that and sometimes not. The stylist (and makeup artist and their managers) will get those requests and pick the clothes. He said that sometimes the outfits they picked won’t fit or won’t suit them like the stylist thought, so they take a few test poses. Overall it depends on the situation, sometimes they’re told anything is fine and other times it’s already set. He said really it’s only for ‘mina’ that he gets to pick and decide everything, but that he thinks it’s a really good experience and atmosphere to be able to try many different kinds of clothes.

    • The next message was from a listener who said her husband is the same age as Massu, she said that after reading in an article that people 23 years old and younger have never heard of 5cm CDs and have never used an MD, they got excited discussing 5cm CDs. She wanted to know what the first 5cm CD Massu bought was.

      Massu said that he had a feeling that the small CDs were actually bigger than 5cm, maybe about 8cm. He said the first CD he bought was B’z, Massu also recalled how MDs were popular when he was in the drama ‘Kinpachi Sensei’ and they would pass them around to share songs they liked.

      Massu said that he’s tried to put one of those small CDs into his laptop’s CD drive and listen to it, but it couldn’t read the CD at all so he thought there was something wrong with his computer. When he tried to take it out again it wouldn’t come out so he picked it up and shook it and it came flying out. He warned his listeners to be careful of that.

    • The next message from a listener who said that she has come to love watching dance from liking NEWS and Tegomass, but that she’s really not good at dancing herself. She asked if Massu had been good at dance prior to joining Johnny’s.

      Massu said that he was happy that she had come to like dance from watching them. He said that for students nowadays dance is a required subject in school but for him there wasn’t. He said that when he became a junior, amongst those who had entered around the same time, there were one or two who had done dance previously so they were good, but most of them didn’t have any experience singing or dancing. He feels that nowadays those kind of people have increased.  He said he hadn’t had any experience so he’s glad he was able to learn to dance well. He said he wouldn’t necessarily say he’s good at dance, but he likes dancing. He said he hadn’t had any experience singing but he had liked it since he was young.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that 2 years ago he read a message that asked him what he does when he wakes up earlier than planned, and he had answered that he doesn’t really do much in particular. They wanted to know what his answer would be now.

      Massu said that first he thinks ‘Oh, I’m awake!’ then goes back to sleep.

    • Next was the Brain Master section. He tried to come up with the answer to the previous question of why the staff got him a knife and fork set. Massu tried to come up with a few answers using numbers and his age, but he didn’t get it correct and eventually gave up. The answer involved changing the sounds in the phrase ‘knife and fork’ in Japanese, ‘naifu to fo-ku’, into numbers.

      Naifu to fo-ku


      7 + 1 + 10 + 4 + 9 = 31 years old

      Massu complained that there was no way for him to guess that. He said that answers that used a different way to arrive at the answer that made sense can still have the chance to win the Master Hits’ original pen, since there’s the chance that no one got it right.

    • Massu speculated that this week’s Brain Master might have the lowest amount of correct answers in the history of Master Hits. He said that when you hear the answer rather than the reaction of ‘Ahh I see!’ it was more like ‘Huh???’

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