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NEWS news (week of 13 August) - Part 1

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  • Shonen Club Premium Filming Reports

    • K: There are a lot of Massu fans here today
      (Massu looks around looking happy)
      K: See! Those two wearing matching Tamiya t-shirts. Couple? Husband and wife? You’re Massu fans right?
      M: Hey, did you know? The origin of the name Tamiya-
      K&S: Who cares!! (Source)

    • During question time:
      K: OK, that person over there
      M: No dirty jokes ok!! (Source)

    • During a conversation about how they filled out the questionnaire for Ongaku no Hi really seriously but none of it was used:
      K: Since none of it was touched upon, afterwards the 4 of us told each other what we’d written and Tegoshi…
      S: There were two questions that were similar and he wrote ‘same as above’! He has too little motivation!
      S: That kind of content can’t be used, Tegoshi. (laughing)
      T: But, there was the question ‘What do you want to start this summer?’ and it’s already started, hasn’t it!? (Source 1 2)

    • T: Massu… Will you quit talking about clothes for almost every questionnaire?
      K: Don’t you have any other hobbies?
      M: Hobbies… decluttering…? Hey, well recently I said I’d give Shige a mustard colored sweatshirt and he said he already had one!
      T: You’re talking about clothes again! (Source)

    • While talking about doing ‘Ayame’ for Inochi no Uta
      M: If you had told us you were doing ‘Ayame’ I would have joined in….
      T: Yeahhh
      M: I wanted to do it like group gymnastics!
      M: (in an announcer-like voice) Next is ‘Ayame’!
      (Koyama, Massu, and Tegoshi begin to do group gymnastics.) (Source)

    • While talking about 24hr TV
      T: Was it announced who’ll run?
      K: No, not yet. We won’t know till day of.
      T&M: Eh! Why!? So, we’re candidates to run too?
      K: No well, you won’t be at Budokan on the day of right?
      T&M: Eh!? We won’t!?
      K: All the candidates received the pamphlet ‘Budokan he no Michi’
      T&M: Eh! So if we haven’t received it…
      K: It means you won’t run
      M: Seriously! I was totally ready run though…
      K: Sho-kun, Kame-chan, and I are all practicing.
      (Source 1 2)

    • During the second take
      K: Everyone, we’re going to sing a second time, but please do the same reaction as the first time, ok?
      S: Doing the same punch-line of Tegoshi finishing things off is embarrassing.
      M: We might not do the same thing~
      K: Massu, you always say that.
      K: Ok, shall we do the second take? Alright?
      M: Wait, I’m eating candy.
      K&T&S !?
      M: (chewing the candy)
      K: Massu, ok?
      M: Wait, it’s stuck to my teeth. (Source 1 2)

    • They talked about the last Neverland concert, and while talking about how Massu cried one member started to sing ‘U R not alone’ and pretended to start crying. They teased Tegoshi too.
      K: Who am I? (crouches down and pretends to cry)
      T: It’s me!
      S: Who am I? (pulls hood up and pretends to cry)
      T: That’s also me!
      K&S&M: Who’s this? (all 3 crouch down and pretend to cry)
      T: It’s alllllll me!!
      (Source 1 2)

    • K: Ok, it’s about time to head home
      Fans: Eeeeh
      T: Ah! Why don’t we all go bowling? How does Odaiba sound? Ok! Let’s meet in Odaiba!
      M: Hey, at least make it in Shibuya. (Source)

    • Apparently the way songs are chosen is that the staff proposes a few different songs and the members give their opinion. ‘Yawarakana mama de’ was Shige’s suggestion, and the members also suggested doing ‘One for the win’. After the recording is when they usually meet with the staff. (Source)

  • A special 24Hr TV page has been set up at jweb, with a detailed listing of all the TV programmes the 3 main casters will be on in the lead up to the show this weekend, as well as a report of the press conference earlier this year. Koyama will pretty much be on every single programme on Monday (Aug 21), so please clear all your hard disk spaces!

To see full Jweb updates in Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean you can subscribe for a small monthly fee.

  • Mainichi Tamamori Yuta (13 Aug)

    • Koyama was mentioned in Tamamori’s jweb, when he said mentioned their Yokohama arena concerts, and thanked Koyama and Sorajiro.

  • MADE ni Omakase (15 Aug)

    • Fukushi Nobuki updated MADE’s jweb where he talked about the Neverland Tour. He said that he was thankful for NEWS for being allowed to back dance for them again this tour. He said that it was fun and he’s sad that’s over.
      He said he was really surprised and confused when he heard on the first day of rehearsals that they would be doing a train.
      He said being able to interact with Shige on stage was a good memory. He said that Shige is very kind and agreed to all his requests to shake hands etc on stage and that he also received clothes from him. He said he also appeared in Shige’s solo song ‘Ayame’. He praised the song and said that in it Shige looked so beautiful that it gave him goosebumps. He also asked everyone to watch the solo on ‘Inochi no Uta’.
      He continued to talk about the tour, saying that he liked ‘Silent Love’ in particular because in the performance each member of MADE (there are 4 members) got to dance with a NEWS member as their partner (shinme). At the end of song the other 3 members of MADE all stand in the back, but he got to stand up front with NEWS and it was like he was the 5th member of NEWS. He said that at first when they were doing the choreography he thought it was a joke.
      He also talked about ‘U R not alone’ and how the audience on the last day in Tokyo Dome began to sing it all on their own. He said they all listened to it backstage and were moved. He also talked about being able to be on one of the mini-floats in the parade part at dome, and made him think about how if he debuts he’ll be able to sing on an even bigger float. He said he was also happy at being able to appear during the MC, though he didn’t end up saying anything because Massu took away his mic and said that he should just use his eyes to convey his thoughts. So he gave the camera his best look and in the end out of the juniors he was the one shown on camera the most.

    • He said that if NEWS has another concert next year he wants to appear in it too.

  • KEIICHIRO (15 Aug)


    • Koyama updated jweb while he was enjoying breakfast at a cafe. He first talked about 24hr TV and how NEWS would be appearing and asked everyone to look forward to finding out what song they would sing. He said that when he told the other members they would be on the show they were really happy. He invited them to use his dressing room, and told them to bring snacks and remember that there would be sempai there and to act accordingly.

    • He also talked about the drama he’ll be doing with Tama, and wondered what his schedule would end up looking like but said that he was thankful to be able to act again.
      He said that he’s already been to dinner with Tama and the staff.
      He also talked about going to Kis-My-Ft2’s concert and comment on how Nikaido has grown up

  • NEWS Ring (16 Aug)


    • This week it was Shige’s turn to update.

    • He wrote about fishing for tuna. He talked about the first time he went fishing for tuna 5 years ago and how it’s difficult to catch them. At the end, he was the only one to hook a tuna in his group, but then the line snapped, and he’s been trying to catch one ever since, though it hasn’t been going well. He said that though he hasn’t been able to catch one for 5 years, he has been gradually improving. This year he really wants to catch one and was ready to go, but hadn’t been able to go due to the typhoon. Then, he had one last chance to catch one before practices for his play start and he can’t go fishing again until winter.
      At that time he finally got one to bite, and it was a big one so it took him 30 minutes of struggling with it before the line finally snapped again.

    • At the end he promote ‘Inochi no Uta’ and his play ‘Green Mile’

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (19 Aug)


    • Masuda Takahisa no Marius and Marumaru

    • He wrote about how he went for Marius and Sou’s concert yesterday, how Sou invited him many times, and even through his manager. He also said they’ve grown up and it was fun. After the concert, they told him to point out the bad things about the concert, but he said there was nothing at all, and that what’s most important was that the audience all looked really happy.

At the end of the entry, he promoted the rerun of the episode of “Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi” that afternoon.

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