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NEWS news (week of 13 August) - Part 2

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  • Massu was mentioned on the 12 Aug show of Wakabayashi’s radio programme, “Audrey no All Night Nippon”, when he talked about how there are gaps between the artists’ personalities when they appear on variety shows. He talked about how he always had the image of Massu being someone who always pretends not to know things, as Massu’s jokes always fell flat when they collaborated in “Mirai Rocket”, and Mitsuki and Wakabayashi had to pick things up by making fun of him. But his image of Massu changed completely when he went to see his concert at the Tokyo Dome. He was really shocked by how much a star Mr. “Play dumb” Massu was, and thought, “Ahhh, this is somebody I shouldn’t be making fun of” (Source)

  • Tegoshi was mentioned during the MC of a Travis Japan and Love-tune show on August 18th. In response to the question “Which sempai do you want to go the beach with?” Shimekake Ryuya answered ‘Tegoshi!’ right away. (Source)

  • So what? YOLO! (18 Aug)

    • Massu went to go see Matsushima Sou and Marius Yo’s (Sexy Zone) concert. Sou, who is a big Massu fan, apparently asked Massu to come to the concert twice in addition to having his manager ask through NEWS’ chief manager. (Source)

    • Massu also participated in the MC. During the MC there's a part where Sou and Marius pull cards with questions or requests written on them out of a box. When they called for the box to be brought out Massu came on stage holding it. When they introduced him, he said that he had been told that he would participate in this part of the MC so he'd been waiting on standby and complained that he waited for a long time while they talked. (Source 1 2)

    • One card read: “Please do an impression of a member.”
      Sou: Masuda-kun, please do an impression! M: Me?? No, you two do it, and I’ll think of one to do.
      So, Sou did an impression of Fuma and Marius did one of Kento.
      M: You guys recently put out a cool song didn’t you? Marius: You mean ‘Rock The Town’? M: Yeah, how does the hook of that go again?
      After Sou and Marius sang it for him Massu did an impression of Fuma during the hook part of the song.
      Massu talked about how he likes their song ‘Rock Tha Town’ but then realized that since he was standing further back on the stage than them, it ended up with Sou and Marius’s backs facing the audience. M: Ah! Since you two end up facing me when I stand in the back, you’re only showing your asses [to the audience]! (Source 1 2 3)

    • Another question card they pulled asked them ‘What’s something you’re keeping a secret?’ to which Sou answered ‘I get a bit jealous when Marius talks with Masuda-kun!’ (Source)

    • Another card read ‘If you were to join a different group which would it be?’
      Sou: Eh? Isn’t there only one answer to this!? Masuda-kun! Please let me into NEWS! (going down on his knees) M: Hm, well we don’t just add or lose members like this. (audience laugh) M: This is not something to laugh about! (Source 1 2 3)

    • Sou: There’s something that I’ve been curious about recently! Masuda-kun, what do you message about with Kento-kun? M: We only send each other about one message each. (laughing) In that time, Matsushima-kun sends me about 15 messages. (Source)

    • During a conversation about interesting uchiwa, Massu told the story of how back when NEWS had 6 members, he would often see fans holding uchiwa with ‘久 (hisa)’ written on it, but when he’d wave it’d end up being ‘Tomohisa’ for Yamapi. The same thing would happen to Koyama too with ‘山 (yama)’ uchiwa. Sou said sometimes that happens to him too since his last name is 松島 (Matsushima) and Kento’s is 中島 (Nakajima). (Source)

    • When Massu was on stage and standing next to Marius he was surprised at how big Marius is, and thought that he had thought that Kobukuro instead of Marius and Sou had appeared at the opening. Sou: Marius just needs to wear some sunglasses. M: Yeah and grow a bit taller. Marius: I’m about 181 now… M: Oh then you’re about there! (Source 1 2)

    • At one point Sou said that he has been reading Massu’s column in ‘mina’ where he does photo shoots in his own clothes, and Sou encouraged everyone else to check it out too. M: Ah, you’re promoting it for me? (laughing) (Source)

    • Sou: Quite a few of Sexy Zone members do fan service, what about you, Masuda-kun? M: I usually don’t. Sou: But you have the image of smiling and waving. M: I usually pretend not to spot those message uchiwas with “Please do xxx~” and just ignore them. (Source)

    • Massu shared his first impressions of both Marius and Sou.
      Massu’s impression of Marius
      M: I thought, there’s a cute angel-like kid. Then I heard that your name was Marius Yo! (Yo uses the kanji for leaf) I like leaves! Sou: You like leaves? M: Some fell earlier didn’t they. (Meaning, they used them as part of the performance) Marius: Here, I’ll give you one.(said while picking one up off the ground) Sou: You can’t give him one off the ground!!
      Massu’s impression of Sou
      M: I don’t really remember… Sou: Aren’t I pretty monkey-like? M: I thought you resembled a Capybara. Sou: That makes me happy! M: I read an article where you said that you like being told you resemble capybaras. (laughing) (Source 1 2)

    • In the concert goods, there was a Marius headband and Sou scrunchy. Massu said that he wouldn’t wear them but put both of them on. First he wore Marius’s headband on his head, but when that didn’t work out he moved to his arm where he also was wearing Sou’s scrunchy. He continued to wear them even after returning to his seat. (Source)

    • When they tried to wrap up the conversation, Massu pouted and asked if they were trying to get him to leave. They thanked him for coming and he said that it was really fun and then told them not to leave, that it would be interesting if the show that day was an hour longer than the show the previous day. Massu ended up staying through the whole show including the encore. (Source 1 2)

  • Massu was also mentioned on Sexy Zone’s radio show. Sou talked about how Massu came to their show and said that he gets jealous that Marius was able to talk with him while making eye contact a lot. He also slipped up and called him ‘Massu’ instead of ‘Masuda-kun’. And Kikuchi said Massu should get angry at him for that. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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