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NEWS news (week of 13 August) - Part 3

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  • Sorashige Book (14 Aug)

    • Shige said that even though more than a month has past he wants to take some time to read some birthday mail since many people wrote in for his birthday.

    • The first message was from a listener who said that she loves Vincent Van Gogh as much as Shige does. She wrote about a quote from within letters he wrote to his younger brother that she recently saw in a museum that said that life finally starts once you turn thirty and is when you’re most active. She said that it made her think of Shige who was going to be turning thirty soon, and her look forward to his birthday even more.

      Shige laughed that the message was from a listener who was only sixteen years old. Shige said he hadn’t heard the quote before, but that he felt that he could agree with the quote. Your thirties are when you can utilize everything you’ve built up in your twenties. He also said that he has enough confidence to say that things will be ok no matter what happens. Though there are things he feels like he has to worry over in regards to writing. He thanked the listeners for all the messages.

    • ♪ Nagisa no Onee-sama ♪

    • For music club this week Shige talked about the group ‘never young beach’ that recently released an album on July 19th called, ‘A GOOD TIME’. He said that since it’s been a bit of a hot topic of conversation recently that many listeners have probably heard of them. He said that the whole time he spent listening to ‘A GOOD TIME’ is a good time, and it’s music you want to listen to in summer. He said that he really likes never young beach, and that they all have a cute aura and that [their music] is the kind that doesn’t make anyone feel bad or hurt anyone. He played their song ‘Natsu no Dokidoki’.

    • Next, Shige read a message about ‘Typewriters’. They said that they had watched the broadcast of ‘Typewriters’ last week and praised Shige’s writing of a review for the book ‘Gekijou’ by Matayoshi Naoki, a comedian and award-winning writer who also appears on the show.

      The second message was also from a listener sharing their impressions from Typewriters. They wanted to know if the filming was interesting and wanted to hear more of Shige’s impressions about ‘Gekijou’.

      Shige talked about how in Typewriters he often takes the role of MC and gets to talk with other writers, which is really exciting and scary. Scary, because he feels like the other writers can see right through him. He said that it’s really good being able to film with all of them, and that it really makes him feel that he can’t get lazy with his writing. He also talked about writing the review and how it was difficult as he’s never been asked to do something like that before.

      He then shared some more thoughts on ‘Gekijou’ saying that he hadn’t been able to say much on the show. He said it was really good, and that while he had enjoyed his previous work ‘Hibana’ too he enjoyed ‘Gekijou’ even more and continued to praise the writing. He said that he got the manuscript during the tour around the time in Nagoya when he lost his voice and was trying to do his own writing. He was reading it on the train to Nagoya and while moving between places, when he got to the end he was lying down in bed reading and shot up yelling ‘Seriously!!’.

      He also talked about receiving a t-shirt from Matayoshi-san when they filmed Typewriters, because Shige asked him to buy him one when he went to Saint Petersburg. The t-shirt has Dostoyevsky on it from a play of ‘Crime and Punishment’.

    • The last message was from a listener whose 7 year old daughter saw Shige say on Bibitto that he didn’t want to get married and cried saying ‘Why?! I want to marry Shige!’ She asked for Shige to say something to cheer her up.

      Shige laughed and said that it was a joke. He apologized, but said that he didn’t know how to explain it to a 7 year old. He said that it’s not true to say that he feels like he wants to get married, but maybe it’s ok to explain it that he didn’t really mean that he doesn’t want to get married, but he says it that way for TV.

    • ♪ Chumu Chumu ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (15 Aug)

    • Massu was the guest this week.

    • At the start they noted that it was currently in the middle of the Obon holidays, and they talked about how summer is exhausting. Massu said that the only summer-like thing he’s done is have a BBQ with the juniors who back danced for them during the tour. Apparently Inaba Hikaru (MADE) organized it and it was also partly in celebration of Massu’s birthday. Koyama was surprised and Massu said that they went somewhere where they could BBQ inside, because he’s the type to go inside right away.

      Massu said that he hasn’t watched any fireworks yet and Koyama commented on how he often gets messages from friends asking if he’s watched any fireworks yet. Koyama said he also hasn’t done many summer-like things this year.

      Massu also mentioned how he climbed Mt. Takao for ‘Soredame!’ on a day when it was really hot. Koyama repeated how he hasn’t done anything, hasn’t gone anywhere or gone shopping or bought clothes. When Massu commented that Koyama had gotten a tan he said that it was from filming for 24hr TV. Koyama also said he was sort of practicing running in the off chance that he is asked to run for the marathon. Massu said that he was too and Koyama reminded him that it was limited to people who will be at Budokan during the broadcast and Massu said he’s been keeping his schedule open though he hasn’t been asked to appear. [This was probably recorded before NEWS’ appearance was announced] Koyama said that if it was announced that Massu would be the runner everyone would probably just be confused, and Massu agreed saying that they’d be wondering what reason he had to run.

    • ♪ Quntastic! ♪

    • The first message was from a listener who started to live on their own for the first time 4 months ago. They said that they feel really lonely at times when they can’t see their family or friends. They wanted to know what Koyama and Massu do when they get lonely.

      Massu said that he likes being with people but that he also values his time alone so he doesn’t really get lonely. Koyama said that during tours, they get so worked up during concerts and it’s fun spending time with the other members so he gets lonely after going home after the last show thinking about how the concerts are over and the time spent with the members will lessen. Massu said for him, after concerts he just has the feeling of accomplishment, though during the tour sometimes after returning to his hotel room and settling in he’ll feel a bit lonely but he doesn’t feel lonely returning home after the tour.

      K: Maybe it’s gross to say so, but I really miss the members when I’m at home. Maybe especially when I have a lot of solo work back to back.

      He said he likes that they can meet for SCP filmings or like the meeting the four of them have scheduled after this recording, without those he feels lonely. Koyama asked Massu if there’s anything he doesn’t when he’s feeling lonely by himself, and Massu said he just doesn’t really experience that and he’s ok with just going drinking by himself even. Koyama asked him if Massu is able to go see movies by himself too, and Massu said he could but he doesn’t since he doesn’t really go see movies in the first place, but he could go eat alone too depending on the resturaunt.

      Koyama brought the conversation back to the listener’s problem and said that with spending less time with family you also learn to treasure it more and it’s part of growing up.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they don’t really have much interest in clothes but thanks to Massu have slowly been gaining interest. However, when it gets hot they tend to get lazy. Now that they’re becoming a high schooler they want to start being fashionable even when it’s hot. They asked for advice and how Massu can still put effort into his clothes when it’s hot out.

      M: Sorry, but when it’s hot out I generally don’t wear clothes. K: ...Eh? ...What do you mean? M: When it’s hot out I don’t try to be fashionable. K: When it’s hot out you tend to wear t-shirts don’t you.

      Koyama said that also tends to just wear a t-shirt and jeans. Massu said that that’s why summer is boring, but that it’s fine to not be fashionable in summer. Koyama said that recently he’s been using cooling body sheets, and said that he really likes them.

    • The next message mentioned how previously on Kchan NEWS they had said that Tegoshi gets really tired doing the show and Shige is yawning as he goes home. So they wanted to know whether doing Kchan NEWS makes Massu tired or sleepy. They said that listening to the show makes then feel energized.

      Koyama said that Massu does the show the most ‘normally’ out of all the members, and Massu commented that of course that’s the case. Massu said that since he also does Tegomass’ radio and his own radio show he probably understands radio the best. Koyama complained about Tegoshi and Shige saying that Tegoshi acts up and when he records with Shige he often is just waiting for him to finish yawning. He said that they have to wait for him to finish yawning before they can even do the opening greetings, and as soon as he thinks he’s done yawning he’ll start speaking while still yawning.

    • ♪ Endless Summer ♪

    • Last was ‘Solving your problems, summertime!’ The message was from a listener who is so afraid of thunder that when there’s a storm they close their eyes and listen to loud music through earphones and are unable to move. They said that next year they’ll be a college student, so they want to stop putting the burden on their friends and family, and asked advice on how to do that.

      Massu responded by doing a gag by a comedian called Kaminari-san which means thunder in Japanese. Then he advised them not to listen to music really loud on their earphones anymore because it’s dangerous. They said that thunder is scary and can be dangerous so it’s ok to be afraid of it, and to make sure you’re in a safe place. Koyama said that he also doesn’t like thunder. Massu suggested that the listener buy a Pikachu stuffed animal so that she can build some affection for and get used to thunder.

      M: I gave good advice. 😊

    • At the end they did some promo and mentioned Shige’s ‘Inochi no Uta’, Tegoshi’s ‘Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi’, and Massu’s ‘Netapare 27Hr TV SP’.

  • Tegomass no Radio (16 Aug)

    • They talked a little about a programme Sakura was on on TV Asahi, about her favourite super heroes. Tegoshi started talking a little about how he also loves such live action heroes like Kamen Rider and stuff, how there are 5 members, with red as the main member, and also yellow and blue etc., but pink… (M: AH it’s okay! You’re going to talking about the pink member right? It’s okay. T: Hang on. M: We don’t need that. T: Wait wait wait… M: We’ve already heard that. T: Wasn’t that a bit too fast!? I’m not even halfway through! M: Nope it’s okay. Let’s move on to the request. T: That’s fast! M: OKAY! Here’s the request!) The listener requested for “Hanabi” as they had gone to a fireworks festival in their hometown and the beautiful fireworks made them feel like summer’s here. Tegoshi talked about how he managed to see the fireworks from about 5 fireworks festivals when he was filming “Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi”. He also went for the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival with his friends. Tegoshi then continued to say how he doesn’t understand why everybody takes videos of the fireworks. T: It’s really a mystery to me. Do you take videos? When you go to fireworks festivals. M: I don’t. To begin with….as far as I can remember, I haven’t been to one since I got a mobile phone. T: Oh really...even though you’re singing a fabulous song called “Hanabi”? M: Well, for NEWS and Tegomass concerts, we don’t have our phones with us, do we. As for going to one in private, that’s… T: It’s amazing. Everyone’s taking videos. It’s interesting to see people taking videos of the fireworks. It’s a mystery. Why do people want to take videos so much? M: It’s the current era. T: But it’s fine to just to remember it, isn’t it? Like if you want videos, you just have to enter the keywords and there’ll be tons of videos by the professionals. Sakura: They want to share them with everyone, maybe? M: Maybe their friends will put in some kind of reaction? T: NONE. I was observing them all the time and got so irritated, wondering what in the world they’re taking the video for. M: What were you looking at, Tegoshi!? T: Well I just needed to know. Sakura: What about the fireworks? M: You probably had the least fun! T: There I was, getting irritated wondering when she was going to say something like, I came with my boyfriend and stop the video. They finally stopped this conversation and asked Massu again if he’s never been to any in private, and he said only once, when they could see some from his friend’s house. But to actually go to the festival and look at the fireworks from below, he probably hasn’t, since going with his parents as a kid. Sakura says it’s probably the same for her. While talking, she accidentally knocked into a bottle beside her and they joked that she’s the type who’s likely to get so excited about the fireworks that she’ll hit someone beside her.

    • The next listener said she became a fan of Tegomass after buying the “Aoi Bench” single. Sakura: And in autumn the same year, Tegonosu no Radio... M: OEI! T: Tegonosuke? M: OEI! Did you just call someone a “nasu” (eggplant)!? Oei. Sakura: I’m sorry....Masuda-san, I’m sorry. M: It sounded like “nasu”. It’s become Tegoshi and Nasu. Sakura: Sorry…(continues reading) I’ve listened to Tegomass no Radio since the first episode. M: There’s a person who’s purple. Sakura: This is getting too long. (TM starts talking about long eggplants) Sakura: (continues reading) In the first episode, the 2 of you- M: At least make me the black beauty eggplant! Sakura: Enough, this is too long! So the listener said TM  gave each other a catch copy, and asked if they remembered it. T: A catch copy to each other? For what? Sakura: I have no idea. So you don’t remember. It turns out that the catch copy Tegoshi gave Massu was “Smile Masuda”. T: That’s so superficial!! Sakura: Well it was 6 years ago. M: Well we can look forward to mine. T: Yes please.  Sakura: The person who hates to lose most in all of Japan. T: That was so ordinary. No punch no nothing. M: Boring. T: Ordinary. The listener said it’s been 5.5 years since, have their impressions of each other changed? And to please come up with a new catch copy for each other. The two of them asked Sakura to do it instead, as nothing has changed for them. Massu still thinks Tegoshi as the person who hates to lose most in Japan and Massu is still Smile Masuda to Tegoshi. And even if they thought of new ones they’d definitely not remember it in 5 years’ time. For Tegoshi, she said, “Inescapable Skulls”, as he said he won’t wear skulls anymore, but his entire Tshirt was skull printed that day. For Massu, she gave “A bit of his ankles can be seen”. TM: You’re just saying things based on what you can see! It’s got nothing to do with our inner selfs nor traits! M: You’ve been like that since before! Ask you about your thoughts on our concert and you say stuff like “the way you walk” and all… Sakura: No no no no… T: Oei. Sakura: I’m sorry to have been so superficial. But well, yours didn’t have that much depth either. T: Really superficial. Can’t be helped I guess.

    • The following listener says they are always bored when soaking in the bathtub at home. Even during winter, it is so boring that they barely soak themselves in the bathtub. They asked what the 3 of them do when soaking in the bathtub. T: Do you use the bathtub to begin with? M: Not so much in summer. T: Oh. I use it all year round. M: Oh yes you mentioned it, like once every two days or something? T: Oh wow you remember...yes. M: Well then it’s just about soaking twice a week or something. T: Ah yes. Massu said he goes swimming, and also uses the ones in the gym, but not so much at home, probably not even once a week. They went a bit off topic, with Massu playing on the pronunciation of bathing “Nyuuyoku” with “New York” and how New Yorkers shower. T, Sakura: I think the signal went a bit crazy just now. We couldn’t really hear the last 5 seconds, could we. M: Ah, ah, ah. Can you hear me now? T, Sakura: Okay we can. Sakura says she usually soaks in the bathtub at about 40degs and reads in the meantime. Tegoshi added that he also either reads, watches videos or plays games till it gets too hot to bear. Massu said he tried to read fashion magazines while doing that, but it got so hot and he felt that he shouldn’t be looking at his favourite clothes in such a hot environment. So he went out, put the magazine down, wiped his perspiration and went back in while drinking water and thinking that he really wants to get this done with soon so he can go back to his magazine. (Sakura laughs) T: Hang on. You used quite a bit of airtime on this episode. Sakura: What was that?! M: You guys aren’t interested... T: The value of the episode is completely not proportionate to the airtime used. It’s like having done part time work at at 300yen hourly rate. (NOTE: the minimum hourly wage for Tokyo is about 930yen) Like I worked so hard for so little? M: Seriously? It’s the opposite right? Like I paid to work or something. They talked about how they were all terrible that day, not connecting to each other at all. But that’s probably because they put in their all for the 300th special, so today was somewhat like a slower day.

    • For the quiz corner, the first question was why “Saba wo Yomu” (literal translation: to count mackerels) became used to refer to lying about your age. Massu got really close, and Sakura was prompting him, when Tegoshi cut in. (M: Stop interrupting! I’m talking! Stop it!) Tegoshi got it wrong anyway. They gave a few more wrong explanations. Sakura gave a hint saying it’s got to do with the trait of mackerels (T: I have no idea what traits they have to begin with!). It turns out that mackerels turn bad very easily, so in order to sell them off quickly, the fishermen tend to give very rough gauges when counting. Tegoshi protested for a while saying Massu didn’t really get it right but gave in eventually.

    • The second question was why the first level for departmental stores are usually for cosmetics. T: OKAY OKAY OKAY! Because if females get attracted, the males will naturally follow. So that’s how they attract crowds. Sakura: Wrong. T: No way! Sakura: Do you have to look so shocked? M: And there’s no logic behind why males will naturally follow if females gather. Sakura: Uh huh. T: No, no… M: He’s so stupid. Sakura: As if they’re beetles. T: BUT THEY DO. M: As if they get attracted by the scent or something. T: No no! M: He’s stupid. Stupider than me. T: But for places like bars or pools, everywhere! Without females, the numbers fall. It’s because the females are around that the males go. They got a few more wrong attempts, until Tegoshi finally got it right, in that because the scents in cosmetics are strong, the scents get dispersed better on level 1 with people coming in and out. T: YEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! M: This is so annoying. Sakura: The way he got so happy reflects such bad character. T: I got it perfectly right! As compared to the partly correct answer for the first question.

    • The final question was a riddle. 1, 10, 100 and 1000 yen were walking on the road. Something came flying at them suddenly, and only one of them got saved. Which one is it, and why. Massu gave a few attempts, including one when he took really long to explain. Sakura: That was just a waste of time. T: Haha, a waste of time. The hint was to look at the figures. Sakura gave them the right answer - 1000 yen and asked them to guess the reason. They took really long with many hints from Sakura before Massu finally got it right. Because 1000 is 4 digits (yon keta), which sounds similar to the past tense of dodge (yoketa) in Japanese. Both of them agreed that this wasn’t a very satisfactory answer but ah well. Tegoshi then started arguing how Massu didn’t win that day as they all weren’t good answers, but his was a perfect strike. Sakura: I get it I get it. Tegoshi’s catch copy shall be “The jerk who hates to lose”. T: HAHAHAHAHA.

    • Tegoshi advertised his appearance on “Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi” a little, saying he got surprised a few times by the person who acted as the ghost, even as they were waiting on standby. Massu chose to give the pen to the listener who asked about the bathtub, and Tegoshi then started trying to scare people telling them to be careful when bathing tonight, like when they looked up into the mirror after washing their face...they told him to stop as there may be people showering after that. He didn’t, so Massu flipped the game at him and told him to be careful when pulling the blanket up. (T: AHHHHHHHHHH) M: You better shampoo with your eyes wide open.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (18 Aug)

    • Songs played: “Full Swing”, “Shupurehikoru”

    • He started talking about the birthday present from the staff, and how the reason is not something people can readily accept, and probably nobody can even remember the reason anymore. From the answers he managed to look at, nobody got it right. But they pick some fans who joined the quiz at random to give the original goods to.

    • The first listener asked if Massu would prefer having a pizza party or a takoyaki party with his friends. The listener said that they will prefer takoyaki parties, as the ingredients can be switched to things like cheese. He said that pizza is pretty common, in that sometimes they order pizza into the studio, at his friend’s house, or when they hold the mini4wd tournaments. But takoyaki parties feel more special, and that he hasn’t been to one in years. When he was little, he’s never had takoyaki parties with his family nor his friends, so it’s likely something that started happening in the recent years. He was leaning towards takoyaki parties, but concluded that it depends on the members that make up the party. He also mentioned that he doesn’t really like switching octopus for other ingredients.

    • ♪ Full Swing ♪

    • The second listener said she hasn’t had summer fatigue at all, but has had such great appetite that she’s been eating lots. She thought that’s not good and started exercising whenever she has time. She asked what Massu does when he feels like he’s been overeating. He said he thinks not having summer fatigue and eating lots is a great thing. He doesn’t have the issue of feeling like he overate because he’s always exercising, and having a physique with more muscles and good metabolism rate is important. Although he has the image of someone who gains weight very easily, but his weight doesn’t vary very much, actually. (M: It’s probably something along the lines of gaining 10kg over 10 years, but that’s to do with age, and can’t be helped) So even if he feels like he ate a little too much, he would at most just rest. It’s not good to overeat to begin with anyway, so try to eat delicious food and have a good summer.

    • The third listener said she’s taking her entrance exams this year, but hasn’t managed to finish her book reviews. She doesn’t have time to read the books either due to summer school. She asked Massu for advice on what she should do. Massu said, “This is going to be very good advice: You just have to read it.” It’s important to read the book properly and find out what the message was. (M: All you need to do is to read the book thoroughly, and write it, isn’t it? Sheepish laugh) He apologised for not being able to meet her expectations and added that he has never done a proper book review as he’s never had many opinions after reading a book. But it’s important to grab the chance to read while she can, and to just write what she feels.

    • The fourth listener said she likes chocolate very much, and sometimes buys blocks of chocolates. However, she can never seem to break the chocolate blocks very well. What should she do. Massu replied that this has been covered on “Sore Dame!” and this…..means that this listener hasn’t been watching “Sore Dame!” And that itself is “Sore Dame!” (“That’s wrong!” in the voice of the sore dame voice). He then gave the advice, saying that the trick is to break it from the back instead of the front.

    • The fifth listener said they watched the episode of “Sore Dame!” when Massu climbed Mt Takao and now feels like climbing it too. He thanked them and mentioned that Mt Takao has the most number of visitors in the world, not just Japan. He said he’s never really felt like climbing Mt Takao, even though people around him have all raved about it. Probably just like how most Tokyonites would not think of going up Tokyo Tower. But after the shoot, he’s finally realised why Mt Takao is so popular. The scenery is really, really beautiful. Plus the fact that you can get to somewhere like that, in just a short time from the city. There are also various routes to get to the peak, and even some places midway to take breaks. Even though it was a really hot day the day he went, the route he took was mostly covered in the tree shade so he didn’t end up covered in perspiration or anything. He repeated that he now understood why Mt Takao is so popular and to please try climbing it one day.   

    • The sixth listener asked what Massu does in the holding rooms, and the listener imagines that Massu is probably singing or looking at the websites of different brands. He replied that he has done both, but basically they don’t really have instances when they have lots of free time in the holding rooms. When they reach the holding rooms, they have to change, get their hair and makeup done, and eat, if it’s near meal times. So sometimes when it’s for music programmes, he’ll even sing while having his makeup done. (M: That’s maybe why I don’t have time to read…) It’s different from dramas when sometimes they can get times like 2 hours off. And during those instances he talks to the stylists about clothes, or the makeup artists about beauty care and so on.

    • The seventh listener asked if Massu gets nervous when he’s the one who sings the opening line for NEWS/ Tegomass/ his solo songs. He replied that he has never really felt nervous about that. The music producers have always emphasized that the opening line for the song is like the face of the song, in that the opening line sets the entire direction and mood for the song, so he will always do his best to properly understand the song when he’s in charge of the opening line. It also means there’s the pressure as he’s the first person to start recording for the song, so there’s that kind of nervousness, but not for music programmes, just because he’s the first to start singing. He also added that for NEWS’ songs, the parts are often split up very detailedly, so it’s sometimes actually harder to have to continue singing after someone else has, as it gets harder to catch the starting beat and note from someone as compared to just starting with the music at the opening.

    • ♪ Shupurehikoru ♪

    • For Master Piece this week, he picked Jayzee’s “4:44”

    • At the ending, he mentioned that the microphone for this week’s radio is different, and from what he can hear from his usual earphones, his voice seems to sound higher than usual. So if people have been thinking how he sounds a bit different, it’s just that that microphone has changed, and not Masuda. The ending song for this week was “U R not alone”

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