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NEWS news (week of 20 August) - Part 1

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  • The broadcast of ItteQ on August 20th featuring Tegoshi’s Calendar Project segment, had an average rating of 22.1%, up 3.3 points from the previous week's 18.8% rating. This marks the first time in four weeks for the program to pass the 20% mark. (Source)

  • Massu will be appearing on the 7th Sep episode of “VS Arashi” as one of the members of the Imada Koji team. Let’s hope he does better this time! (Source 1 2)

  • The lineup for Music Station Ultra Fes on 18th Sep was announced on 25th Aug, and NEWS will be appearing. (Source)

  • The lineup for FNS27h TV has been released and Netapare’s SP will be airing at around 2:10am (Source)

This week's 24hr TV updates contain spoilers for things that happen during the broadcast in addition to some behind the scenes episodes shared by fans

  • In Shinjuku station there are boards with confessions from the three main personalities on display. Koyama’s confessions reads, “Actually, I can't ride roller coasters.” (Source)

  • 8/26 - The runner this year was announced about 2 hours into the broadcast - Buruzon Chiemi, and the distance this year will be 90km (Source)

  • During the broadcast of the Drama SP, Sho, Kame, and Koyama performed for the audience in Budokan. They performed ‘MeiKyuu Love Song’, ‘Keep the faith’, and ‘Koi no ABO’. (Source)

  • Fan report - At the end of the segment before the drama when everyone was leaving the stage the 3 main personalities stayed since they were going to perform. Shige, seemingly not realizing this, kept glancing at Koyama waiting for him. When Koyama notice he waved goodbye to Shige (Source)

  • It was only announced the day before that Massu will be appearing in Arashi ni Shiyagare. It turned out that they were having the same hold your breathe under the water competition, and Massu was back as the defending champion. He turned up in last year’s charity tee and said he would return in the same tee if he won, and well, it looks like we won’t be seeing him in the same tee next year. Ending comments -  Nino: The defending champion was terrible too. K: Massu you were kind of… M: I really came only for this segment (studio breaks into laughter) Sakurai: I’m sorry, but go back already. M: I really came for this segment. So… I’m the most hurt (by this result) Sakurai: That was close. (Source 1 2 3)

  • Koyama competed in a total of 3 segments - the “1m dash”, “announcer tongue twisting news reading challenge” and “This is MJ”.

  • For the 1m dash, he got so shocked by the timing of the gun shot that he literally just jumped across the 1m. (Source)

  • For the announcer challenge, Sakurai won and Koyama went down on his knees together with Masu and Miura to apologise on behalf of the announcer department. At the end, all 5 of them were told to fill up 30secs with free talk, with Sakurai leading. But they ended up with some seconds extra, and Koyama went, “KIHARA-SAN~ SORA JIRO~~~” (Source)

  • In the starting comments for “This is MJ”, K: I’m not the type who appears in such cool kind of stuff, but I’m hoping to create a miracle. MJ: As expected of NEWS. (Source)

  • For “This is MJ”, the competitors were Matsujun, Kame, Koyama, Sakurai and Ohno, with the aim to beat Matsujun. The competition was one that was ever done before in Shiyagare, where a female is trapped inside a room, and there’s only one hole above the door for them to jump through to save the lady in distress. So during his turn, Koyama first tried jumping over the barricade outside, hits his left ankle, tries to pretend nothing’s wrong, then goes for the hole...and beautifully ruins the door. K: But even at the worst case scenario, she gets saved. M: That’s so uncool. Suuuuper uncool. MJ: He ruined everything. K: I’m sorry. (Source)

  • Massu stayed till the end for Shiyagare, mostly just in the background. At the end, Sakurai pulled him up and said to let him talk a bit. M: As someone from Johnny’s, I’d wanted to appear on “This is MJ” too! MJ: Why weren’t you asked to? M: Hmm? Why wasn’t I… Nino: Yeah you should have. M: If I’d appeared I’d have been super cool. Probably. Yup. (moves back to his place) (Source)

  • 8/27 - NEWS performed “U R not alone” at around 1:25pm, after Koyama’s story on the handicapped girl.

  • Fan report - After they finished singing the members all high fived each other and went to the girl and they all shook her hand. (Source)

  • During a story on dust free chalk and the guests were asked to write the most important thing to them, Koyama wrote the members’ names (Source)

  • They sang “One Love”, complete with the dance moves towards the end of the programme, to a collage of their respective projects in the background.

  • To cheer Buruzon Chiemi on, everyone at the stadium sang a medley of “Kibou Yell”, “Real Face” and “Happiness”. And then “Makenai de”, and of course, “Sarai”.

  • Fan report - Koyama would always be tidying up the chairs when there’s a change of people. He’ll definitely be guiding when people are coming through. And also pull out the chair for Sakurai when he returned from the charity donation (Source)

  • Fan report - When NEWS left the stage after URNA, everybody went “EHHHHH!” K: They’ll be back. Audience: KYAAAA! (Source)

  • Fan report - During the commercial break, Koyama, Satomi & Hatori were eating snacks together like good friends. (Something like, hey try this~) And after that Satomi put everything back into the ziploc bag. (Source)

  • Fan report - When NEWS and Kame and Sho were all standing in a line for the Dai-chan the dog segment, Tegoshi reached through Koyama’s arms to touch Kame’s butt and in response Kame reached forward and touched Sho’s butt. (Source)

  • Fan report - During one of the commercial breaks Shige went to where Koyama was sitting to get a tissue from him (Source)

  • “Un, Deux, Trois” was playing at the Shizuoka venue (Source)

  • The amount of money donated so far announced during the broadcast was ¥129,020,958. (Source)

  • This is also probably the last week we will have this 24hr TV section in NEWS news - Koyama, otuskaresama deshita!


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  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Aug 20)M.jpg

    • Masuda Takahisa no Neoki (waking up)

    • It was a very short and straightforward entry on how he woke up that day feeling like he wanted to eat yakiniku, and that his body is strange.

  • MADE ni Omakase (Aug 22)

    • Inaba mentioned Massu in his jweb, when he talked about how he finally managed to do something he didn’t manage to last year. It was to hold a “Massu BBQ Birthday Party”. The members there were Masuda Takahisa DaiSempai (big senior), Tomioka Kento, Nozawa Yuki, Watanabe Haruki, Ueda Sho, Kageyama Takuya, Fukutani Masakazu, and himself - members who went on the tour together with NEWS this year. He said there was the image of him being a terrible, heartless kouhei since Massu took him out for a meal on the day after Massu’s birthday, but he didn’t even prepare a present. So this year, he took pains to plan a really good one! Although it happened a month late as everyone’s schedules didn’t meet in July, it went on as planned and Masuda kun looked happy too, so he’s glad. He wished Massu happy birthday again, and that he’s looking forward to 17th October (his birthday). He ended off by posting a photo from the BBQ.

  • NEWS Ring (Aug 23)NR.jpg

    • It was Koyama’s turn to update

    • He said it was 3 days to 24hr TV. He talked about how it’s just the 3 of them this year, so they all have to take care of quite a bit of things. It also makes him feel more assured that NEWS will be going to Budoukan.

    • He shared that the 3 MCs have a group chat that Sakurai started, and that it will be nice if they can go for a meal together one day.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Aug 24)M.jpg

    • Masuda Takahisa no Mitakoto Na~i (I’ve never seen this before!)

    • Massu advertised his appearance in Netapare the following day, talking about how there is this gag that he really liked, and he’s never seen before (which is the punchline of the gag. Watch part of the gag here). He asked everyone to watch, as well as listen to MASTER HITS before that.


  • NEWS was mentioned in the MC of 2nd show of ABC-Z’s concert at Nagoya on 20th Aug, when they asked the fans who they used to like in the past.
    Fan: NEWS~!
    All the members: NEWS!?
    Kawai: It’s probably Tegoshi when you talk about NEWS…
    Hashimoto: Whose fan were you?
    Fan: Shige~!
    Kawai: Chige? (same pronunciation as the Korean stew, jjigae)
    Hashimoto: There isn’t any pot in NEWS. (Source)

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